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Date Speaker Subject Club
Nov 5 Capt. The Rev. Don Aitchison   Port Hope
Nov 6 Colonel Gregory Smith Canada's role in Afghanistan Northshore
Nov 6 Millie Morton
Keeley Byron
The one-room school in Colborne.
Emergency procedures in the Keeler Centre
Nov 7   Sharing Memories of War Years Cobourg
Nov 13 Joan Selwood Trip to India and Nepal. Brighton
Nov 13 Prof. Alan Brunger Fairmile Cruisers Trent Hills
Nov 14   Burnham's Market, Cobourg. Ganaraska
Nov 14 Remembrance Day A tribute to Veterans Northumberland
Nov 19 Leslie Roseblade Parks and Recreation Port Hope
Nov 20 Jeanette MacDonald Friends of the Honduran Children Colborne
Nov 12 Terry Carpenter Nature Photography Cobourg
Nov 27 Downtown Business Association Business plans for Brighton Brighton
Nov 28 Ossie Tee Bird Watching in Northumberland Northumberland
Nov 28 Dorette Carter Art Gallery of Northumberland Ganaraska
Oct 1   Hobbies and Interests Day Port Hope
Oct 2 Lorraine Harvey Positive Attitudes Towards Life Colborne
Oct 9 Dennis Carter-Edwards Trent-Severn Waterway History Trent Hills
Oct 10 Chris Worsnop Vintage Film Festival Committee Northumberland
Oct 10 Luke de Sadeleer Relationships. Ganaraska
Oct 15 Happy Mireault Northumberland YMCA Port Hope
Oct 17 Kevin Narraway Cobourg Vitalization update Cobourg
Oct 16 Norman Baskin Preservation of the lighthouse at Presquile. Colborne
Oct 23 Ian Douglas Honouring the fallen and wounded soldiers. Brighton
Oct 24 David Newlon Travels in the Arctic Northumberland
Sept 3 Mary Talbot Enhancing Your Photography Experience Port Hope
Sept 4 Multiple - incl dignitaries Special 10th anniversary meeting & celebrations Northshore
Sept 4 Dan Buchanan The Breakaway Disaster Colborne
Sept 5 Charmaine Lindsay Cobourg Library Cobourg
Sept 11 Michael Tremblay Will Sing! Brighton
Sept 12 Peggy Dymond Leavey Life of Laura Secord Ganaraska
Sept 12 Sherry Gibson

Community Care

Sept 17  

Annual General meeting

Port Hope
Sept 18 Ted Rafuse

Car ferry and railroads

Sept 18 Ken Hall from Enbridge

Annual General Meeting & Environment Concerns in Canada and USA

Sept 19 Elizabeth Kellog


Sept 25 Rose Ellery

History of Applefest.

Sept 26 Kia Liu Town of Cobourg Chief of Police Northumberland
Aug 1   Habitat for Humanity Cobourg
Aug 6 Gary Curtis Barnado Homes Port Hope
Aug 7 Dr Steven Levinson An entertaining and informative presentation. Northshore
Aug 8 Debra McCarthey Alzheimer's Ganaraska
Aug 8 Steve Pickett

 "The Aces of Harmony" singing group

Aug 15 Dorette Carter Art in Northumberland Cobourg
July 3 Ellen Currie Guinness World Record including her move from Rhodesia and Scuba Diving Northshore
July 11 Harry Nash Adventures in Africa Northumberland
July 18 Kai Liu Cobourg's new Police Chief Cobourg
July 24 Karen Cofield Home Inspections Brighton
June 4 Ossie Tee Birds of Northumberland County Port Hope
June 5 Rob Franklin James Cockburn, Life and Times in Cobourg History Northshore
June 5   A guided tour of the museum at the Trenton Air Base followed by lunch Colborne
June 6   Display of members' hobby activities Cobourg
June 12 Anne Rayner Book Clara's Rib - true story of Anne's sistre with TB Brighton
June 13 Kevin Narraway Downtown Vitalization Northumberland
June 19 Lee Wakelin Three Week Walking Tour of the El Camino Trail in Spain Northshore
June 19 Barb Smith and Greg Zilberbrant Holcim Colborne
May 1 Dan Welch Bluebird boxes Colborne
May 1 Bill King Life and Times of Enzo Ferrari Northshore
May 2 Keith Oliver Sifton Cooke Heritage Centre Cobourg
May 7   St. Johns Ambulance Therapy Dogs Port Hope
May 8 Brian Burke His career as a CAF pilot. Brighton
May 9 Dan Bulger Climbing Mount Kilamanjaro Northumberland
May 9 Kelly Morgan-MacKenzie Sound Solutions Ganaraska
May 15 Jim DeVinney Food Safety and Quality Control Colborne
May 16 Andreas Gada Photographing Eclipses and the night sky Cobourg
May 15 Ashley Holme E Readers. Northshore
May 22 Peggy Dymond Leavey The Movie Years in Trenton Brighton
May 23 Antonio Sarmiento Park Theatre Northumberland
April 2/2013 Ken Prue Movies Port Hope
Apr-03   Hobby Day Colborne
Apr-03 Stu Dafoe Town of Cobourg Greenhouses Northshore
Apr-04 Colonel Greg Smith Canadians in Afghanistan Cobourg
Apr-10 Gordon Estate Services Advice on downsizing Brighton
Apr-11 Carl Fletcher Northumberland Hearing Centre Northumberland
Apr-11 Rick Everdell New OPG Niagara tunnel Ganaraska
Apr-16 Trish Doney Architectural Conservancy Port Hope Update Port Hope
Apr-17 Peter Boos General Insurance Adjuster and Ombudsman. Colborne
Apr-17 Elizabeth Kellogg Birds; Their habitat in Northumberland County Northshore
Apr-18 Bruce Woods Books as Theatre. Cobourg
Apr-25 Brenda Nutter Special Places on Roads less travelled Northumberland
Apr-25 Betty DeLong Master Gardener Ganaraska
Mar-06 Bob Wallace Far East travels in connection with Polio Plus Northshore
Mar-06 Jim Deviney How It's Made - Food Safety and Quality Control Colborne
Mar-07 Reg Longman His life as a "Bernardo Boy" Cobourg
Mar-13 Dan Buchanan Story of the Speedy Brighton
Mar-14 Jean Graham Guide Dogs Ganaraska
Mar-14 Luke DeSadeleer The 7 c's for a healthy relationship Northumberland
Mar-19 Betty DeLong Master Gardener Port Hope
Mar-20 Stanley Isherwood Sifton - Cook Museum Northshore
Mar-20 Vicky Catton Ukranian Easter Eggs Colborne
Mar-27 Dorette Carter Art Gallery of Northumberland Brighton
Mar-28 Duncan McKinnon Fare Share Northumberland
Mar-28 Dr. Levinson, Port Hope doctor, author and humourist. Heart Healthy Ganaraska
Feb-05 Christopher Terry Aviation Heritage Port Hope
Feb-06 Joan Stover Humourous Talk About Local Prisoner Transfers Northshore
Feb-07 Gordon's Estate Management Probus Antique Road Show Cobourg
Feb-13 Ian Douglas Perspective on Canada - a third world view Brighton
Feb-14 Pauline Carrick Working in a refugee camp in West Africa. Ganaraska
Feb-14 Rod Baker Experiences as a caregiver Northumberland
Feb-19 Keith Picket Barbershop group Port Hope
Feb-20 Gary Lumsden Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre Northshore
Feb-20 Eileen Argyris How Firm a Foundation Colborne
Feb-21 Special event - see above Replaces regular Meeting Cobourg
Feb-27 Norm Bastin Historic lighthouse in Presqu'ile Park. Brighton
Feb-28 Dennis Gazarek "What is Involved in Writing a Book" Ganaraska
Feb-28 Doreen Curtis Life for a month in Haiti Northumberland
Jan-09 Michael Tremblay Will sing for you Brighton
Jan-09 Audrey Wilson Monarch Butterflies Northshore
Jan-09 Robin Young and Lena Broatch Preserving our Heritage: Cramahe Township. Colborne
Jan-10 Reg Longman A Bernardo Child Northumberland
Jan-10 Dr. Alban Merepeza Chiropractor- sports specialty - incl Olympics Ganaraska
Jan-15 Kim Patton Haiti following the devastating earthquake Port Hope
Jan-17 Brenda Nutter Adventure Photography Cobourg
Jan-23 Peggy Dymond Leavey Laura Secord, the heroine of the 1812 War Colborne
Jan-23 Tracy West Northumberland Family Health Team Northshore
Jan-24 Donna Wootton "Moon Remembered" Northumberland
Jan 24/2013 Sherry Gibson Community Care and their services Ganaraska
Dec-12 The Melodeers Entertainment Brighton
Dec-20 View and hear about Christmas trees & decorations At Port Hope's Capitol Theatre Cobourg
Nov-01 Rev Kevin Fast Strongman Cobourg
Nov-06 Representative from CFB Trenton Recognizing Remembrance Day Port Hope
Nov-08 Paul Bailey Characters in Old Port Hope. Ganaraska
Nov 14 2012 Lawrence Stevenson Plays violin and mandolin Brighton
Nov-15 Russ Donaldson Me and my Computer Cobourg
Nov-20 Paul and Anne Burnham Fruit of the Land Port Hope
Nov-22 Anne Burnham Burnham Market Northumberland
Nov-28 Simon Dexter Marine Salvors Intl. - Diving. Brighton
Oct-02 Dr. Steven Levinson Medical Humour Contributor to "Snap" Magazine Port Hope
Oct-03 Sylvia Cook The construction of her SIPE house Colborne
Oct-04 Ken Prue Northumberland Mall Cinemas Cobourg
Oct-10 Sandra Joyce The Street Arab - a story of a British Home Child Brighton
Oct-11 Peter Boos CEO of I & D Insurance Northumberland
Oct-11 Steve Rutledge & Michael Yapp Adopt a village in Laos Ganaraska
Oct-16 Dave Adams Driving a Wheelchair Port Hope
Oct-17 Daphne Simms Change for Charange, India Colborne
Oct-18 Luke deSadeleer Healthy Relationships Cobourg
Oct-24 Shelagh Purcell Hong Kong Diary Revisited: The Family Remembers Brighton
Oct-25 Peter Boos Ombudservice of Canada Ganaraska
Oct-25 Jane Lagalisse War Years in England Northumberland
Oct-25 Peter Boos Ombudsman for Auto Insurance Ganaraska
Sep-05 Lana Taylor On-track racing Colborne
Sep-05   Cookbook Authors Northshore
Sep-06 Peter Boos Travel insurance for seniors Cobourg
Sep-13 Susan Stathan Writer & Visual Artist Northumberland
Sep-26 Mary McEwan Past aspects of her life Brighton
Sep-27 Chris Worsnop Chair of Vintage Films Northumberland
Sep-27 Eunice Hogg & John King (1) Calling 911 & (2) Sugar making in Guyana Ganaraska
Aug-09 Doreen West Village Life - Baltimore Northumberland
Aug-16 Bob Burke RCAF Museum at CFB Trenton Cobourg
Aug-21 Dave Adams Wheelchair Driving Lessons and More Port Hope
Aug-22 Mark Reynolds Reflexology Brighton
July 4 2012   Dragon Boating Northshore
Jul-05 Vanessa Taylor Strategies for a Healthy Body Cobourg
Jul-12 Brian Bowden Raising llamas and using their wool. Ganaraska
Jul-12 Doreen West Village Life - Baltimore Northumberland
Jul-17 Amy McGillvary What the Ruth Clarke Centre offers you Port Hope
Jul-19 Dr. Tardik Homeopathic Medicine Cobourg
Jul-25 Darlene Jackson Alzheimers Society Brighton
Jul-26 Doretta Carter Northumberland Art Centre Northumberland
Jun-05 Terry Bell A Glimpse of Africa Port Hope
Jun-06 Kathleen McLaughlin Organ Donation Colborne
Jun-06   Barbershop Quartet Northshore
Jun-07 Cathy Piercy Osteoporosis Cobourg
Jun-13   Indian River Reptile Zoo Brighton
Jun-20 John Winkworth Israel slide show Northshore
Jun-20 Gil McElroy About his recently published book "Cold Comfort". Colborne
Jun-27 Ron Waddling Brighton Arts Council and "The Gates". Brighton
May-01 Bruce Williamson Teaching in Borneo, Malaysia Port Hope
May-02 Lt Andrea McKinley, Trenton New and Creative Changes at Air Base 8th Wing Colborne
May-03 Jane Kelly Watershed Magazine Cobourg
May-09 Brian Stonehouse Osteoporosis and Elder navigation. Brighton
May-10 Ray Williams Playing Trivial Pursuit Ganaraska
May-15 Al Rutherfurd My Journey up the Amazon Port Hope
May-16 Bob Fudge Historical Mills of Ontario. Colborne
May-17 Sandra Joyce The Street Arab - The Story of a British Home Child Cobourg
May-23 Tony Bright With his video and more! Brighton
Apr-04   Wicklow Way Farm Northshore
Apr-04 Dorette Carter Northumberland Art Gallery Colborne
Apr-05 Enid and Gordon Mallory Under the Spell of the Yukon Cobourg
Apr-12 Lois Richardson Designing and constructing sets for theatre Ganaraska
Apr-12 John Hassan Port Hope Community Centre Northumberland
Apr-17 Gary Lumsden Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre Port Hope
Apr-18 Jacques Basmagi Gold and gem purchasing. Colborne
Apr-19 Russ Donaldson Me and my Computer Cobourg
Apr-26 Ken Burgin The Canadian Firefighters Museum Ganaraska
Apr-26 George Leger Fare Share Northumberland
Apr-26 Tom Mates Park Superintendent, Presqu'ile Provincial Park. Brighton
Mar-06 Pete Fisher Journalist and Author of "Highway of Heroes" Port Hope
Mar-07 Lee Caswell Port Hope Architectural Conservancy of Ontario House Tour Colborne
Mar-07 Suzy Jin 101 Pharmacy Northshore
Mar-08 John Boughen Agriculture, farming in Ontario Northumberland
Mar 8 2012 Rev Dave Chisling Social Worker Ganaraska
Mar-14 Karen Cole - author Becoming a nun and eventually leaving the church. Brighton
Mar-15 Gary Lumsden Consumer fraud prevention Cobourg
Mar-21 Cam Thomas Blasting Colborne
Mar-21 Jan Irvine Bullying Northshore
Mar-22 Susie Jinn Certified Diabetes Education and Pharmacy 101 Northumberland
Mar-22 Roz Farber Nisga'a - aborigines Ganaraska
Mar-28 Office of the Public Guardian Unsatisfactory insurance claims Brighton
Feb-02 Jennifer Clarke Mental health Cobourg
Feb-07 Pam Tate How Long Did It Take You To Paint This Picture? Port Hope
Feb-08 Tony Bright Tony's career and travels Brighton
Feb-09 Cathryn Zalhodne CAA Travels Northumberland
Feb-15 Frances Luymes Writing your Memories Colborne
Feb-21 Kevin Fast "World's Strongest Man" Port Hope
Feb-22 Donna Logan Van Vliet Brain Gym Brighton
Feb-23 Reverend Kevin Fast Physical Fitness Northumberland
Feb-23 Chris Hoskin Dairy Farming Ganaraska
Jan 3 2012 Peter Bolton Cemeteries of Port Hope Port Hope
Jan-04 Bob Wallace Rotary Past, Present and Future Colborne
Jan-04   Community Care Northshore
Jan-05 Brigadier General Jeffrey Brace Piloting aircraft carrying VIPs Cobourg
Jan-11 Shirley Blanchette VON SMART programme and falls prevention. Brighton
Jan-12 Colonel Greg Smith Life in Afghanistan Ganaraska
Jan-17 Barry Walker The New Community Radio Port Hope
Jan-18 Shelagh Purcell Diary written while her father was interned in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp. Colborne
Jan-19 Professor Robert Washburn Hon. James Cockburn Cobourg
Jan-25 Brighton YMCA Zumba dancing. Plan to shake your bootie! Brighton
Jan-26 Two Port Hope fishermen Fly fishing throughout Canada Ganaraska
Jan-26 Audrey Wilson Butterfly Migration Northumberland
Dec 6 2011 Sandy Holmes Update on Waste Disposal Port Hope
Dec-07 Bonnie McCool   Northshore
Dec-08 Linda Kramer Performing Christmas songs Ganarasaka
Nov-01 Cindy Leonard Recognition of our Club's Veterans Port Hope
Nov-02 Community Living Program for people with intellectual disabilities Colborne
Nov-02   Weight Loss and Health Issues Northshore
Nov-03 Brenda Nutter Shackleton's Footsteps Cobourg
Nov-15 Jay Scotland We Always Get Our Weather Right - Sometimes Port Hope
Nov-16 Barbara Jones Victoria Order of Nurses Colborne
Nov-16   Silent Auction Bake Sale Northshore
Nov-17 Alistair Commins Building and flying powered model aircraft. Cobourg
Nov-24 Patricia Sinnot Port Hope Dairy & Seymour Substation Ganarasaka
Oct-04 Paul Bailey Little Known Tales of Old Port Hope Port Hope
Oct-05 Donna Wootton North West Passage Colborne
Oct-06 Charmaine Lindsay The latest in public library services Cobourg
Oct-12 Heather Nemec Recycling do's and don'ts Brighton
Oct-13 Constable Marino Senior safety and ID theft Ganaraska
Oct-13 Margo Harnden Investing Northumberland
Oct-18 George Watson Fishing Getaway at Kodiac Island Port Hope
Oct-19 Ivy Succe Bernardo Children Colborne
Oct-19   Travelling, from a Tour Guide's Perspective Northshore
Oct-20 Bob McDonald Home Services Cobourg
Oct-26 Al Brisco With his steel guitar Brighton
Oct-27 Barbara Stephenson Public Library in Canada Northumberland
Oct-27 Steve Snell & Eileen Mountain Travel in Portugal Ganaraska
Sept 7 2011 Roz Farber, ex CBC producer North Western B.C. Aboriginal Tribe. Colborne
Sep-08 Elizabeth Morris re: IESO-Electric Power to Ontario Northumberland
Sep-14 Ian Kennedy Architectural Heritage Conservancy in Brighton Brighton
Sep-15 Nick Nickerson Experiences as a Naval Medical Officer Cobourg
Sep-21 Steve Rutledge and Mike Yap Laos: The Country, the Secret War and Bombs Colborne
Sep-22 Jim Morrison NHL Ganaraska
Sep-22 Ian Lancaster Clinical Nurse Specialist in Palliative Care Northumberland
Sep-28 Doreen Cable SOCAN and Canadian copyright Brighton
Aug-10 Brian Bowden Raising Llamas Brighton
Aug-11 Dave Rosborough, MNR Fish Stocking Ganaraska
Aug-16 Tannice Goddard The Benefits of Yoga for All Ages Port Hope
Aug-17 Elaina & Gregory Wicklow Way Farms - organic gardening, Colborne
Jul-07 Dr. Jennifer Jackman Creation of the "CANADIAN Victoria Cross" Cobourg
Jul-14 Diane Keast Transition House & the homeless Northumberland
Jul-14 Caroline Thornton Experiences as a horse breeder Ganaraska
Jul-19 Kelly Morgan–Mackenzie Providing hearing aids to children in China Port Hope
Jul-28 Mary McCaw Teaching in Cambodia & Lithuania Northumberland
Jun-22 Commander Col. Dave Cochrane Changes at Trenton Base Brighton
Jun-23 Lola Reid Allin Travel in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize Ganaraska
Jun-01 Ivy Succe Bernardo Children Colborne
Jun-07 Mike Scott Ontario Police College Port Hope
Jun-08 Lorraine Harvey Motivational Speaker Brighton
Jun-09 Richard Tyssen Solar Energy Ganaraska
Jun-09 Linda Kay United Way Northumberland
Jun-15 Rick Stronks Bears Colborne
May-03 Lee Caswell Working with the Antique Road Show Port Hope
May-04 Cameron McFarlane RCMP training Afghan police Northshore
May-04 Jim Robinson Travelogue of Australia Colborne
May 5 2011 Dorothy and Godfray De Lisle Antiques and Travel Cobourg
May-11   Drive Wise Programme Brighton
May-25 Wayne Lain Cheese Making at Maple Dale Cheese Brighton
May-26 Barry Gordon Estate services, downsizing etc... Northumberland
Apr-05 Robin Long Historical trip down Walton Street Port Hope
May-12 Blake Holton Retracing Farley Mowat's footsteps down the Thiewiazzta River. Ganaraska
May-12   Anniversary Breakfast - music by Barry Hollis Northumberland
May-17 Lt. Col. Tom Dunne Closing of Camp Mirage Port Hope
May-18 Daryl Stogryn World Outreach, Youth for Christ/Youth Unlimited Colborne
May-19 Jay Sherwin Adventures during an arctic canoe trip Cobourg
Apr-06 Sid Atkinson Dairy Farming 101 – nutrition and business Colborne
Apr-06 Donna Wootton Northwest Passage Expedition Northshore
Apr-07 Joe Howieson The Life and Times of Rabbie Burns. Cobourg
Apr-14 Diane Lauder & singers A Spring song presentation Northumberland
Apr-14 Rev. Kevin Fast About his 'strongman' pastime Ganaraska
Apr-19 Const. Gerry Marino Scams and frauds against seniors Port Hope
Apr-20 Anniversary Party Entertainment provided by Peter Faragher Colborne
Apr-20 Barbara Marion International referee/athlete Northshore
Apr-21 Art Sherwin The Great Escape Cobourg
Apr-27 David Bree Natural Heritage Education, Bird watching. Brighton
Apr-28 Alan Wilson The Land of the Bible Northumberland
Apr-28 John de Visser Photography Ganaraska
01-Mar-11 Phil Boyko Artisan working in wood Port Hope
Mar-02 Janine MacLeod Alderville First Nation Black Oak Savannah Colborne
Mar-02 Constable Terry Stanley Fraud and Seniors Northshore
Mar-03 Annette Ashfield When Hurricane Hazel hit Toronto in 1954. Cobourg
Mar-09 Ray Hebert Reading from his book "Sometimes a Hero". Brighton
Mar-10 Audrey Wilson, Naturalist About wild things.. birds Northumberland
Mar-10 Donna Bennett & Brian Finley Westben Concerts at the Barn. Ganaraska
Mar-15 Ted Devonshire & Friends Barbershop Harmony today Port Hope
Mar-16 Al Brisco with his steel guitar Irish songs to celebrate St Patrick's Day Colborne
Mar-16 Betty Delong Preparing your garden for spring Northshore
Mar-17 Richard Looye Irish boy makes good in Port Hope Cobourg
Mar-23 Cathie Hewton Brighton Y and its programmes. Brighton
Mar-24 Alan Mann, Fire Chief, Cobourg Fire prevention Northumberland
Mar-24 Sabena Brazeau Grow Tasty - nursery for edible plants. Ganaraska
Feb-01 Donna Wooten Into the Northwest Passage Port Hope
Feb-02 Daryl Strogryn Youth for Christ/Youth Unlimited Colborne
Feb-09 David Lawler Digital Photos and Flowers Brighton
Feb-10 Brian Bowden Llamas Northumberland
Feb-10 Sue Hosang The joys of chocolate Ganaraska
Feb-15 Dr. Alban Merepeza - Chiropractor Preparing Athletes for the Olympics Port Hope
Feb-16 Sherry Pringle HMCS Athabasca Colborne
Feb-16   Health and Wellness Fair Northshore
Feb-23 Jeff Hawzenuk African trip Brighton
Feb-24 Heather Nemec Northumberland Waste Management Northumberland
Feb-24 Erin Walsh, archivist The Great Flood of Port Hope Ganaraska
04-Jan-11 David Chisling A Floral Approach to Justice Port Hope
Jan-05 Lenna Broatch Personal profile and history Colborne
Jan-06 Mike Nickerson Sustaining Our Environment Cobourg
Jan-12   Community Living Brighton
Jan-13 Ken Prue Possible uses for the Park Playhouse Northumberland
Jan-18 Blake Holton & Jay Sherwin Following Farley Down the Thiewiaza River Port Hope
Jan-19 James Thomas Inductive Lighting Colborne
Jan-20 Larry Flood My Life as a Marine Engineer Cobourg
Jan-26 John Wonnacott Living in the Arctic Brighton
Jan-27 Joanna Bonebakker Northumberland Learning Connections Northumberland
Jan-27 Lieutenant Tom Dunne Canadian mission in Afghanistan Ganaraska
Dec 6 2010 Video then visit to Capitol Christmas trees   Cobourg
Dec-08 Razz Ma Jazz from E.N.S.S. Entertainment Brighton
Dec-09 The Welcome Buskers Clap, tap, & sing-along to the music of the festive season! Ganaraska
Nov-03 Allison Roberts of Eco-Spark Monitoring the Moraine Colborne
Nov-04 John de Visser Life Story of a photographer Cobourg
Nov-10 Bob Pearson Routes to Learning Canada (formerly Elderhostel Canada) Brighton
Nov 11 2010 Richard Holmes Remembrance day Ganaraska
Nov-16 Bonnie McCool Healthier & safer home environment Port Hope
Nov-17 Angie Fazekas Ten Thousand Villages, Colborne
Nov-24 Brian Hannah of Huff Winery Wine Producing Brighton
Nov-25 Diane Wooton Northwest Passage Ganaraska
Nov-25 Jan and Norm Lundbohm New Zealand, China or Australia…or all 3 Northumberland
Oct-05 Caroline Smith Making a living in Canadian Theatre Port Hope
Oct-06 Lynn Marshall Lifeline and Falls Prevention Colborne
Oct-07 Angie Fazekas Ten Thousand Villages Cobourg
Oct-13 Maureen Piercy Loyalist College programs for seniors. Brighton
Oct-14 Ted Devonshire Ontario Barbershop Harmony Society Ganaraska
Oct-19 Bruce Doran Working with your Lawyer Port Hope
Oct-20 Sandy Grant (BA, RHN) Seniors' Wellness Colborne
Oct-21 Brenda Nutter Photo essay on polar bears. Cobourg
Oct-27 Doug Thomas Electricity System Brighton
Oct-28 Pat Bryan "Mad Men" Skit Ganaraska
Sep-02 Roz Farber Miska Indians - NW BC Cobourg
Sep-07 Sue Speirs & Alan Butler Our Alask Cruise & Tour Port Hope
Sept 8 / 2010 Joan Selwood Trip to China Brighton
Sep-09 AGM at Dalewood Includes - GPS Treasure Hunt Ganaraska
Sep-09 Wayne Deveau Security Northumberland
Sep-15 OPP Chris Dewsbury Fraud & Seniors Colborne
Sep-22 Brian Ostrander & Mark Walas Meet your Mayoral Candidates Brighton
Sep-23 Terri Thompson The art of Dressage Northumberland
Sep-23 Philip Goldsmith - architect Adaptive re-use of heritage buildings Ganaraska
Aug-04 Captain Jim Brodie Air Force Centennial of Flight Northshore
Aug-11 Craig Kerr Friends of Presqu'ile Park Brighton
Aug-12 Ray Williams Volunteering at the Olympics Ganaraska
Aug-12 Doug Ireland Plants Manager of Coveright Surfaces Northumberland
Aug-17 Caroline Thornton Raising Thoroughbred Race Horses Port Hope
Aug-18 Derek Paul Smart Meters Colborne
Jul-07 Mark Peacock Our changing environment Northshore
Jul-07 Mark Peacock Our changing environment Northshore
July 14 / 2010 Shirley Blanchette from the VON SMART programme Brighton
Jun-01 Doug Thomas & Jane Leckey Ontario's Electricity System Port Hope
Jun-02 Mayor Marc Coombs Future of Cramahe Township Colborne
May-05   Arthritis Society Colborne
Jun-09 Ted Belyea Herat Transplant experience Brighton
Jun-10 Les Brittain Auctioneering Northumberland
Jun-10 Amy McGillivray Ruth Clarke Activity Centre. Ganaraska
Jun-15 Jen Powles Outward Bound in Costa Rica Port Hope
Jun-16 Claire Wade Green Guyana - perfect Ecosystem Northshore
Jun-16 Bonnie McCool Green Products for safe home use Colborne
Jun-23 Wray Koepke Brighton Heritage Advisory Brighton
Jun-24 Stephen Peacock and Gord Ley New senior centre. Northumberland
Jun-24 Lee Caswell Antiques Roadshow Ganaraska
May-05 Robert Winslow 4th Line Theatre Northshore
May-06 Bob Abrames Voyageuring Cobourg - others
May 12 / 2010 Retired British Naval Officer He will talk about his experiences. Brighton
May-13 Richard Looye Joseph Scrivener Ganaraska
May-19 Richard Atkinson Don't just Retire.... Northshore
May-19 Jane Urquhart Author and local resident Colborne
May-26 OPP Inspector Doug Borton Home protection and security Brighton
May-27 Sarah Cook Alzheimer's Ganaraska
Apr-07 Judy Smith-Torrie 'Go Green' Colborne
Apr-07 Gord Ley New Community Centre facilities Northshore
Apr-08 Betty Delong Port Hope Horticultural Society, Spring Gardening. Ganaraska
Apr-08 Kyle Barber Y.M.C.A. Northumberland
Apr-14 Sweet Adelines Sweet Adelines Brighton
Apr-15 Toni Thompson Dressage Cobourg
Apr-20 Judi Smith Torrie Go Green Together Northshore
Apr-21 Diane Schnalzer Belly Dancer Colborne
Apr-22 Lawrence McArdle Flying mosquitos in R.A.F. in W.W.II Northumberland
Apr-28 Retired R.C.M.P officers Robert Knuckle & Carl MacLeod They will talk about their careers - including under cover Brighton
Mar-03 Chris Robinson Salmon Restoration Program Colborne
Mar-04 Lakefront Utilities Smart Meters and You Cobourg
Mar-10 Ray Herbert & Ralph Dejonge Play their guitars and sing. Brighton
Mar-11 Kim Lauder Habitat for Humanity Northumberland
Mar-11 Kate Reed Aging At Home Ganaraska
Mar-17   Tours of Material Recycling Facility Colborne
Mar-24 Bob Garthson Valley Pines Organics, Grafton. Brighton
Mar-25 Paul VanLaren, C.E.O Sabic Innovative Plastics Northumberland
Mar 25 2010 Charles Taws An overview of the Port Hope Archives Ganaraska
Feb-03 Belinda Clarke ND Naturapathic Health methods Northshore
Feb-03 R.C.A.F. Capt. Tim Brodie Air Force heroes Colborne
Feb-04   Cobourg Community Centre Cobourg
Feb-17   Volunteer Fair Northshore
Feb-17 Chris Dewsbury OPP - Personal Safety Colborne
Feb-18   Breakfast with the Bickersons Cobourg
Feb-10 Wendy Warner Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation Brighton
Feb-11 Angi Sazekas Ten Thousand Villages. Northumberland
Feb-11 Rob Winslow 4th Line Theatre Ganaraska
Feb-24 Ian Kennedy Architectural Heritage Conservancy Brighton
Feb-25 Shari Seymour Rehabilitating Pets Northumberland
Feb-25 John Boughen A career as a farmer Ganaraska
Jan 6 2010 Sweet Adelines Women's Barbershop Quartet Northshore
Jan-06 Rick Atkinson Human Resources Consultant and Author Colborne
Jan-07 Alistair Cummins Victoria Hall Cobourg
Jan-13 Daryl Stogryn Youth for Christ - work with youth around the world Brighton
Jan-14 Mary Anne Rowlands The Help Centre. Northumberland
Jan-14 Kim Lauder Habitat for Humanity Ganaraska
Jan-21 Matt Morrison & Al Rose Olympics Cobourg
Jan-20 Marja Webster What is Tai Chi Northshore
Jan-20 Anne Marie Vanstone Experiences as Home Stager Colborne
Jan-27 Art Sherwin The Great Escape Brighton
Jan-28 Cam McFarlane - RCMP His tour of duty in Afghanistan. Northumberland
Jan-28 Michael Newman Northumberland Orchestra Ganaraska