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Archive of previous speakers

Date Speaker Subject Club
Nov 1 Carol O'Neill Hoarding - Next Step Solutions Colborne
Nov 1 Louise and Doug Weldon Trip Across America Northshore
Nov 6 Lin Barker Everything Classic Brighton
Nov 8 Robin Rice Material Art and design Trent Hills
Nov 9 Graham Beer Visit to Vimy Memorial Northumberland
Nov 14 Rhonda Cunningham Northumberland Hills Hospital Port Hope
Nov 15 Carly Cunningham Cornerstone Women's Shelter  - Family Violence Colborne
Nov 15 Brock Godfrey Passwords and Beyond Presqui'le
Nov 22 Tony Soulis His life story – there are no rules! Brighton
Nov 23 Diane Chin

President, Architectural Conservancy, Cobourg and East Northumberland

Oct 4 Judy Moretton North of 7 Artist Group Colborne
Oct 11 Dr. Samy Halim Marijuana vs opoids for pain management Brighton
Oct 11 Lori Smith Water Buffalo Trent Hills
Oct 12 Ken Prue

The Loft

Oct 18 TBA Fire Safety and Tour of the facility Colborne
Oct 18 Alan Mallory Conqering Mt. Everest Presquile
Oct 25 Mike Hewitt Quinte Economic Development Agency Brighton
Oct 26 Reva Nelson Author, Journalist and Motivational Speaker Northumberland
Sept 6 Candace Cox (TBC) Castleton Mill Colborne
Sept 13 Susan Snider Experiences as the wife of Canadian Diplomat Dennis Snider Trent Hills
Sept 14 Taylor Collicott Homeshare, Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Northumberland
Sept 20 Gary Niece Hiking Original Gold Rush Trail Colborne
Sept 20 Adam Pierce Vascular Disease and Exercise Northshore
Sept 27 Greg Curtis Titanic Brighton
Sept 28  Bill Sexsmith President of Probus Canada Northumberland
Aug 16 Vicki McMillan History of Empire Cheese - Manufacturing Process - Awards Presqu'ile
Aug 23 Gary Lutz Drug Interactions Brighton
Aug 24 Chris Allum Ontario Securities Commission, Protect Your Money Investment Fraud Northumberland
July 5 Ed Burtt The Avro Arrow Northshore
July 13 Karen Huestis Canadian Snowbirds Association Northumberland
July 19 Dan Buchanan Rum Runners Presquile
July 26 Clint McGinnis War of 1812 and History of Brighton Brighton
July 27 Mark Peacock Director, Watershed Services for Ganaraska Conservation Authority Northumberland
June 7 Margaret Allison Food Share program Northshore
June 8 Chris Allum Protect your money Ganaraska
June 8 Ray Argyle Author Northumberland
June 14 Ken Birch Sailing down the Intracoastal Waterway Brighton
June 21   Tour of Victoria Hall and Art Gallery of Northumberland Northshore
June 22 Marg Allison Fair Share Foodbank, Ganaraska
June 28 Frank Blanchett This Teacher's Education Brighton
May 3 Luz Ofelia Maya New Canadian Tire Centre Northshore
May 10 Marilyn Bucholtz Lower Trent Conservation Authority Trent Hills
May 10 Victor Schukov We need people in our life Brighton
May 11   Fraud Awareness /Passwords and Beyond Ganaraska
May 11 Carol Beauchamp Rebound Child & Youth Services Northumberland
May 17 Dan Buchanan Stagecoach King: William Weller Northshore
May 17 Roger Litwiller Warships of the Bay of Quinte Presquile
May 24 Dorne Wilson Wain's Greenhouses. Brighton
May 25   Every Human on the Face of this Earth Deserves to be Treated Humanely Ganaraska
May 25 Rob Clark Prison Guard - Kingston Penitentiary Northumberland
April 5 Mark Peacock Ganaraska Conservation Authority Northshore
April 5 Gord McArthur Vimy Ridge Colborne
April 12 Sheri Birney Community Care Program Falls Prevention Northshore
April 12 Leisha Newton Campbellford Revitalization Trent Hills
April 12 Bob Burke Columbus's GPS system Brighton
April 13 Paige Montgomery Cobourg's Downtown Business Improvement Association Northumberland
April 13 Antonio Sarmiento What it takes to produce a reeeally BIG show! Ganaraska
April 18 Kim Rudd Duties of a Parliamentary Assistant Port Hope
April 19 Judy Barnett assisted by Donna Budgen The Work of Brighton's Apple Route Grannies

April 19 Sherri Birney Fall Prevention Northshore
Mar 1 Diane Wilson Options in Senior's Housing Northshore
Mar 7 Mark Collins (OPP) Art Theft Port Hope
Mar 9 Carol Carman Helping Hands Northumberland
Mar 9   Jane Austen's Navy Ganaraska
Mar 15 Joanne Bonebakker Northumberland Learning Connection Northshore
Mar 15 Brock Godfrey - RCMP Mass Marketing Fraud and Cybercrime Awareness Presqu'ile
Mar 15 Sarah Johnston Link Cramahe Colborne
Mar 22 Amy Nuevo Norte Alpacas Brighton
Mar 23 Lynda Kay 211, Health Hotline Northumberland
Mar 23   Every Human on the Face of this Earth Deserves to be Treated Humanely Ganaraska
Feb 1 Kate Chapman Emergency Planning Services Northshore
Feb 8   Paranormal Brighton
Feb 8 Christian Jaehn-Kreibaum The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall Trent Hills
Feb 15 Peter Delanty Cobourg 150th Celebrations Northshore
Feb 15 Carol O'Neil Letting go of Stuff Presqu'ile
Feb 20 Elizabeth Kellogg Birds Port Hope
Feb 22   A member's interesting career Brighton
Jan 4 2017 Wilfred Day Reforming the voting process Northshore
Jan 11   Status of Trenton Memorial Hospital Brighton
Jan 12 OPP Sgt. Mark Collins International Art Theft Detective. Northumberland
Jan 18 John Geale Northumberland Land Trust Northshore
Nov 2 Todd Lalisz Dancing Bee Apiaries Northshore
Nov 2 Brad Reynolds Emergency Preparedness Colborne
Nov 9 OPP Constable Steve Bates Senior Safety Trent Hills
Nov 9 Captain Wayne Johnson Reflections Brighton
Nov 10   Trivia Day Ganaraska
Nov 16 Susan Snider Life as the spouse of a Diplomat Colborne
Nov 16 Larry Ringler Warkworth Institution (prison) Presqu'ile
Nov 23 Alex Chang of Remedy's Rx Medical needs for travelers Brighton
Nov 24 Rhonda Cunningham & Nicole Beatty Northumberland Hills Hospital Northumberland
Oct 12 Dr. Keith Skinner Aging in Rural Communities Trent Hills
Oct 13 Dan Buchanan Rum Runners Ganaraska
Oct 13 Janelle Eisler Cornerstone Northumberland
Oct 19 Jamie Doolittle His plans for his term Colborne
Oct 19 Michelle Paris Savour the County Presqu'ile
Oct 27 Lisa Graham Salvation Army Ganaraska
Oct 27 Ross Quigley Growing up in Cobourg Northumberland
Sept 7 Dan Buchanan Rum Runners Northshore
Sept 8 Ted Staunton Local Author Ganaraska
Sept 8 Morris Tait All U need to know about Exercise Northumberland
Sept 21 Debra McCarthy Cobourg 2017 Celebrate Here Northshore
Sept 22 Rhonda Cunningham Equipped Care Programs Ganaraska
Sept 22 Ted Rafuse Rail Ferry Northumberland
Sept 28 Rhonda Cunningham Equipping to Care Brighton
Aug 17 Steve Burrows Mystery Novelist Presqu'ile
Aug 19 Melody Crowe Growing up in Alderville Trent Hills
Aug 25 Faye Langmaid Camp 30, German POWs Northumberland
July 5 Melody Crowe Alderville First Nation Port Hope
July 6 Bruce Steel Galapagos Islands Northshore
July 14 Petra Munro Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre Ganaraska
July 14 John Geale Northumberland Land Trust Northumberland
July 27 Joan Selwood Hiking the Pilgrim Trails Brighton
July 28 Dr. Catherine Rae Therapeutic Riding Northumberland
June 1 Gina Gillespie Afghanistan - Photo Journalist Northshore
June 1 Dan Buchanan Local History Colborne
June 8   Al Purdy Project Brighton
June 8 Dan Buchanan Rum Runners Trent Hills
June 9 Erin Webb Ontario Govt Consumer Protection Service Ganaraska
June 9 New Ventures Band   Northumberland
June 15 Mark Cullen Highway of Heroes Living Tribute Northshore, Port Hope, Northumberland
June 22   Adaptive Sailing Brighton
June 23 Janice Noonan 12 Steps to taking better digital photographs Ganaraska
May 3 Helping Hands Useful items from garbage Port Hope
May 4 Steve Tedford Knives manufactured in Northumberland Colborne
May 11 Lois Donovan Therapy Dog Brixie Brighton
May 11 Lee-Anne Quinn Niursing in the Armed Forces Trent Hills
May 12 Brian Findley & Donna Bennett Westben Arts Festival Theatre Northumberland
May 12 Sher Leetooze Nurses of WW1 Ganaraska
May 18 Ewa Bednarczuk The Mighty Trent a River Presquile
May 19 Lisa Sherwin-O'Leary Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher Cobourg
May 25 Cheryl Cooper Sea Warfare 1812 Brighton
May 26 Jackie Porter Carte Wealth Management Ganaraska
April 13 Jill & John Morralee Aound the World Brighton
April 13 Melody Macdonald Alpacas Trent Hills
Apr 14 Tom Taylor Brock's Agent and Historical Fiction: The Lie that Tells a Truth Ganaraska
Apr 14 Carol Burnham Keeping Bees and Making Honey. Northumberland
Apr 19 Murray Munro Angkor Wat Cambodian Temples Port Hope
April 20 Joe Mullin Ontario Agriculture-Food Venture Centre Presqu'ile
April 21   Cornerstone Cobourg
April 28 Carol Burnham Keeping Bees  and Making Honey Northumberland
April 28 Ray Williams Trivia Quiz Ganaraska
Mar 2   HKPR District Health Unit Northshore
Mar 3 Caroline Thornton and Abeer Al-Salihi Parallel Journeys – from Syria to Safety and Concern to Community Cobourg
Mar 9 Joan Macklin United Way Call 211 Brighton
Mar 10 Nancy Johnston Cornerstone: A place where Hope Grows Ganaraska
Mar 10 Susie Jin Geriatric Homeopathy Northumberland
Mar 16 Bruce Davis Brighton Health Services Centre Presquile
Mar 17 Michelle Wright & Madelaine Currelly "Age Friendly Project" in Northumberland County Cobourg
Mar 23 Cheryl Cooper Sea Warfare 1812 Brighton
Mar 24 Miriam Mutton Cobourg Taxpayers Association Northumberland
Feb 2 Bonni McTavish

Age Friendly Plan

Port Hope
Feb 4 Derrick Cunningham The origins of Fair Trade Cobourg
Feb 4 Lesley Page Author, Pilot Colborne
Feb 3 Lee Wakelin Turkey Travel Talk Northshore
Feb 10 Bob Fudge Fudge's Mill at Campbellcroft Trent Hills
Feb 10 Bob Burke ....just talking Brighton
Feb 11 Boris Nikolovsky Investing made interesting Northumberland
Feb 11 Todd Kalisz Valentines Day Music with Todd Kalisz "Dancing Bee Honey" Ganaraska
Feb 16 Pauline Graham Vietnamese Refugees 35 years later Port Hope
Feb 17 Kai Liu Cobourg Police Chief Northshore
Feb 17 Darren Lawson Cooking Lesson Colborne
Feb 24   Quiz Time Brighton
Feb 25 Russ Donaldson Me and my Computer Ganaraska
Feb 25 Madelaine Currelly Community Training & Development Centre Northumberland
Feb 27   Quiz Time Brighton
Jan 5 2016 Ted Rafuse Coal to Canada Port Hope
Jan 6 Peter Herron Chiropractor Northshore
Jan 7 Brendon Abram Trauma Sensitive Yoga Cobourg
Jan 13 Lt. Col. Caron Canadian Army Advanced Warfare Center Brighton
Jan 13 Dr. Elwood Jones Champlain's Travels in the Trent River basin Trent Hills
Jan 14 Lt. Col. Dany Poitras Transport & Rescue Squadron Ganaraska
Jan 14 Tara Lember Art Gallery of Northumberland Northumberland
Jan 19 Morris Tait Everything You Need to know about Exercise Port Hope
Jan 20 Bruce Collins & Brenda Carter Trivia Session Northshore
Jan 21 Katherine (Kate) Chapman Emergency Planner, Cobourg Fire Department Cobourg
Jan 27 Ken Birch Estate Administration Tax Brighton
Jan 28 Members Speed Intro "Who Am I" Ganaraska
Dec 9 The Amazing Randy Mentalist Trent Hills
Dec 10 Carol Carman Helping Hands Ganaraska
Nov 4 Jo Anne Page Stephen Lewis Foundation - Grandmothers to Grandmothers program Northshore
Nov 5 Ganaraska Chordsmen a capella singers Cobourg
Nov 12 Bill Guthrie Welland Canal Brighton
Nov 12 Roger Litwiller HMCS Trentonian/ Battle of the North Atlantic Trent Hills
Nov 12 Jim Ronson Writing a Crime Novel in the Digital Age Ganaraska
Nov 18 Lieutenant-Colonel Dany J. Poitras Search & Rescue Presqu'ile
Nov 19 John Aiken, Legion Branch 133 Legion's Support of Veterans and Serving Personnel Cobourg
Nov 25 Sgt Stephen Bates OPP Safe Winter Driving Brighton
Nov 26   New Venture Band Northumberland
Nov 26 Jerry Ouelette & Marc Mercier 2015 World Jr A Hockey Challenge Ganaraska
Oct 8 Keith Oliver Alive inside - Music and Memory Ganaraska
Oct 8 Lydia Smith Cobourg Taxpayers Association Northumberland
Oct 14 Don Cooper Juno Beach Centre Trent Hills
Oct 20 Ken Morden Experience Ganaraska Port Hope
Oct 21 Roderick Benns Canada's leaders, anecdotes about past Prime Ministers Northshore
Oct 21 Stan McMullin His adventures researching Spiritualism Presqu'ile
Oct 22 Dr. Peter Herron Chiropractor Northumberland
Oct 22 Meaghan MacDonald Age Friendly Communities Ganaraska
Sept 9 Murray C Watson Good news for anxiety and depression Northshore
Sept 9 Peggy Dymond Leavey Biography of Laura Secord Trent Hills
Sept 10 Cathie Houston Vintage Film Festival Northumberland
Sept 15 Dan Buchanan HMS Bounty - plus AGM Ganaraska
Sept 16 Jo-Anne Page Steven Lewis Foundation, Grandmothers to Grandmothers program Northshore
Sept 16

Rick Conroy

The role of the Community Newspaper in today's world. Presqu'ile
Sept 23 Ed Burtt The mission to find HMS Speedy Northshore
Sept 23 Christian Jaehn Kreibaum Berlin Wll Brighton
Sept 24 Det. Const. Matt Lawrence Cyber Crime Northumberland
Sept 24 Susan and Dennis Snyder Life in the Foreign Service Ganaraska
Aug 12 Skye Morrison Textile Tourism Trent Hills
Aug 13 Patricia Calder Writer and photographer (mostly about horses) Ganaraska
Aug 18 Fran Fearnley ZimArt's Rice lake Gallery. Port Hope
Aug 19 Erin Webb Consumer Outreach program for Consumer Protection Ontario Presqu'ile
Aug 26 L. Col. Francois Caron CAAWC Airborne Operations Brighton
Aug 27 Dan Buchanan Dr. King and his execution in Cobourg Northumberland
July 7 Sandy Holmes and Glen Case The Great Flood of 1980 Port Hope
July 8 Derek Furtado Harwood Fish Culture Station Trent Hills
July 8 Diane Taylor The Gift of Memoir Northshore
July 9 Rory Quigley Town of Cobourg Arborist Northumberland
July 9 Dr. Peter Herron Chiropractor Ganaraska
July 15 Mary Robertson Canadian Association of Retired People (CARP) Presqu'ile
July 23 Krista Skutovitch Northumberland Health Centre Northumberland
June 3 Caroline Thornton Racehorses - Rags to Riches or Reverse? Northshore
June 3 Pat Westrope   Colborne
June 4 Ed Burtt HMS Speedy Cobourg
June 10 Thanh Campbell Orphan 32 Trent Hills
June 10 Denny Quirk  Montreal Olympics Brighton
June 11 Gina Gillespie Afghanistan Adventures Northumberland
June 11 Ray McCullough Trillium Walker's club Ganaraska
June 16 Glen Bailey Northumberland New Ventures Band Port Hope
June 17 Mandy Robinson Cobourg Town Crier Northshore
June 17 Mary Linnett Dragon Boating Presquile
June 24 Belleville Police Sgt. Roy Kendall Internet fraud Brighton
June 25 Cheryl Cooper Author Ganaraska
May 5 Linda Davis Northumberland Hills Hospital Port Hope
May 6 Carol Carmen Helping hands Northshore
May 7 Terry Reardon Winston Churchill & Mackenzie King Cobourg
May 13 Carol Robertson Ferris Provincial Park Trent Hills
May 13 Peter Alker Friends of Presqu'ile Brighton
May 14 David Sheffield Greenwood Coalition Ganaraska
May 20 Kevin Ward Chamber of Commerce Waterfront Festival Northshore
May 27 Mary Linnett Dragon Boating Brighton
May 28 Leonard Goodman Why are Canadian Seniors more Dead than Alive Northumberland
May 28 Jack Goering Retracing Franklin's first Arctic Expedition Ganaraska
April 2 Linda Davis Northumberland Hills Hospital Cobourg
April 8 Jeremy Bertrand - Ministry of Finance Tax Breaks Brighton
April 8 Sandra Johnson Sandra and husband Paul sailed around the world. Trent Hills
April 9   Second Annual Pub Quiz Northumberland
April 9 Shannon Linton SONG - Sounds of the Next Generation Ganaraska
April 15 Mellissa D'Onofrio-Jones, CEO, Brighton Public Library Your Brighton Public Library: Books and So Much More Presqu'ile
April 15 Dan Buchanan The Dr. King Story Northshore
April 23 Ossie Tee A Load of Old Henry's Northumberland
April 23 Anna McIntosh Canadian Hearing Society Ganaraska
March 3 Jack Goering Retracing Franklin's First Arctic Expedition Port Hope
March 4 Terry Fallis Humour & political satirist - "An Unorthodox Journey to the Published Land" Northshore
Mar 5 Hal Allison Singer Guitarist Cobourg
Mar 11 Dan Buchanan HMS Speedy Trent Hills
March 12 Councilor Les Andrews McDonald's Franchises and greetings from Port Hope Town Council Ganaraska
March 12   Choral Legacy Northumberland
March 18 Community Care Hospice Service and bereavement support Northshore
March 18 David Bree Presqu'ile Provincial Park Presquile
March 26 Cheryl Cooper War of 1812 Engagements Northumberland
March 26 Dan Gilbert Stumbling on Happiness Ganaraska
Feb 4 Rev. Deborah Elliott Sponsoring a Syrian family Colborne
Feb 4 Joanne Rockey Smith Therapeutic Paws of Canada Northshore
Feb 5 Gina Gillespie Real Afghanistan people Cobourg
Feb 11 Brad Hilker Campbellford Memorial Hospital Trent Hills
Feb 11 Carol Carr-Burnham & David Burnham Big Brother Brighton
Feb 12 Margaret Scott Port Hope Library Ganaraska
Feb 12 Lynda Syrota Canadian Red Cross Northumberland
Feb 18 Betty Jo Parent Overview of 2015 Pan Am/Para Pan Am Games/ Torch Relay Presqu'ile
Feb 18 Mark Richardson Great American Road Trips… Northshore
Feb 25 Terry Boyd The Paranormal Brighton
Feb 26 Mandy Robinson Cobourg's new Town Crier Northumberland
Feb 26 Kristin Ferguson What your Pharmacist can do for you. Ganaraska
Jan 6 2015 Nancy Little Programs at the YMCA - and Chair Aerobics Port Hope
Jan 7 Jennifer Hardy Foot Care for seniors Colborne
Jan 8 Jay Sherwin Hiking on Baffin Island Cobourg
Jan 8 Elizabeth McKinley The Shelter of Hope Northumberland
Jan 8 Kathryn A. Labranche Trinity College Ganaraska
Jan 14 Bruce Davis Brighton Health Centre Brighton
Jan 14 Graham Wilson Life on the Rocks Trent Hills
Jan 15   Probus International Film Festival - Film De-Lovely Cobourg
Jan 20 David Boughton Lighting the Victorian Home Port Hope
Jan 21 Larry Kinar I know where the money went Presqu'ile
Jan 21 Cameco What We Do, How We Do It, and Why It Matters Northshore
Jan 22 Ray Williams Trivia Challenge Ganaraska
Jan 28 Brendon Abrams Big Brothers Brighton
Dec 3 Captain Michael Simpson Salvation Army Northshore
Dec 4 Caroline Thornton Raising Racing Horses' Cobourg
Nov 4 Terry Fallis Annual Remembrance Day Commemoration & talk by Terry Fallis, award winning novelist Port Hope & Ganaraska
Nov 5 Brenda Abram Yoga for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Colborne
Nov 5 Richard Pope "Shadows Gathering" Ontario in WW1 Northshore
Nov 6 Richard Pope His First World War novel: Shadows Gathering Cobourg
Nov 12 Cheryl Cooper Her historical novels set on the high seas during the War of 1812 Trent Hills
Nov 12 RazzaMaJazz & ENSS Choral Group Recalling old favourites from WWI. Brighton
Nov 18 Tracy Covell Crimestoppers and other related topics Port Hope
Nov 19 Rick Stronks Bears in Ontario. Colborne
Nov 19 Ron Saucier Identity Theft Presqu'ile
Nov 26 Jean-Guy Sauriol He rowed solo from the Canary Islands to Barbados Brighton
Nov 27 Dr. Tardik Naturopathic Doctor Northumberland
Oct 1 Neil Butters A 104 year-old McLaughlin Buick Northshore
Oct 1 Gina Gillespie   Colborne
Oct 7 Lee Wakelin El Camino Trail Port Hope
Oct 8   Annual General Meeting Trent Hills
Oct 9 Linda Davis President & CEO, Northumberland Hills Hospital Northumberland
Oct 15 Caroline Thornton RACING - Rags to Riches or Reverse. Colborne
Oct 21 Phil Goldsmith Heritage Architecture Port Hope
Oct 22 Ken Birch India and Pakistan Kashmir Brighton
Oct 23 Tammy Robinson CEO Cobourg Public Library Northumberland
Sept 2 Marianne Ford Nordic Pole Walking Port Hope
Sept 3 Cathy Pearcy Osteoporosis Society "Speaking of Bones" Northshore
Sept 4 Richard Pope Cobourg Marina Expansion Cobourg
Sept 10 Martha Murphy Campbellford/Seymour Foundation Trent Hills
Sept 11 Marie Anderson SONG - Sounds of the Next Generation Northumberland
Sept 17 Harry Nash The trial in Cobourg of General Sir Arthur Currie Northshore
Sept 18 Bruce Cappon Mitigating claim denial in travel insurance policies Cobourg
Sept 24 Steven Puddister Consumer Protection Canada Brighton
Sept 25 Jan Ethier Amnesty International Northumberland
August 5 Shannon Linton and Marie Andersen SONG (Sounds for the Next Generation) Port Hope
August 6 Joe Nullin Ontario Agri-food Venture Centre Colborne
August 7 Dan Buchanan Dr King - Ontario's last hanging Cobourg
August 13 Michelle Falone Senior Scams Trent Hills
August 14 Stan Frost Deputy Mayor of Cobourg Northumberland
July 9 Andrew Bandler Financial Planning for Retirement Trent Hills
July 17 Bob Scott Rotary International's "End Polio Now" Campaign. Cobourg
July 23 Mike Thompson Emergency Preparation in the Brighton Area Brighton
July 24   Ontario Consumer Services Northumberland
June 3 Rhonda, Partner Primitive Design Port Hope
June 4 Top Hat Society Speaker Top Hat Society Northshore
June 5 NHH Speakers PATH Program Cobourg
June 11 Anne Rowe British Emigrant (Barnardo) Children Trent Hills
June 11 Mia Woodburn Lighthouse Books Brighton
June 12 Sheri McKeen From Home to assisted Living Ganaraska
June 12 John Kraus Northumberland Orchestra & Choir Northumberland
June 18 Marshall Gummer, an Antique Appraiser What's it Worth? Colborne
June 18 Paul Arculus Markham Gang Northshore
June 26 Captain Ron Perks Canada's modern & high tech submarines     Ganaraska
May 1 Stanley Isherwood Sifton Cooke Heritage Centre Cobourg
May 6 Al Wilson Royal Canadian Legion, Port Hope Port Hope
May 7 Sherry Brydon  Heritage Digitization Project Colborne
May 7 Katherine McMurdo Carving International Award Winning Decoys Northshore
May 8 Lori Pearson & Jeff Cain Northumberland 89.7 FM Small Town Radio Northumberland
May 8 Aruna Aysola PLAN Canada Ganaraska
May 13 Steve Rutledge Laos Refugees Port Hope
May 14 Brendon Abrams Soldiers returning from Afghanistan with PTSD Brighton
May 14 Dan Buchanan Dr. King, Northumberland's last hanging Trent Hills
May 15 Antonio Sarmiento Capitol Theatre Cobourg
May 21 Ed Butt - Marine Diver HMS Speedy Colborne
May 21 Franklin Bus Tours 2014 Trips & Tours Northshore
May 22 Russ Donaldson What I can do with my Computer Northumberland
May 22 Cathy Pearcy Osteoporosis Canada Ganaraska
May 28 Bernie Rosebush Ghosts in Proctor House Brighton
April 1   PATH - Healthcare for Seniors Port Hope
April 2 Ewa Berdnarczuk 7 Natural Wonders of the Lower Trent Conservation Authority Colborne
April 3 Tracey West Travel Adventures Cobourg
April 9 Brian Finley and Donna Bennett Westben Arts Festival Theatre Trent Hills
April 9 Paavo Kivisto Brighton Auxiliary Rescue Unit Brighton
April 14 Bill Checkly Sir William Top Hat Society Northumberland
April 15 Cindy Osland Sheep Farming Port Hope
April 16   Anniversary Luncheon Colborne
April 17 Mary Talbot Abstract Photography Cobourg
April 18 Cindy Osland Sheep Farming Port Hope
April 24 Craig Brockie SOCAN - making sure that artists receive royalties Ganaraska
Mar 4 Antonio Sarmiento Capitol Theatre Port Hope
Mar 5   St Patrick's Day Celebrations Colborne
Mar 5 Gordon Gilchrist School Consolidation in Cobourg Northshore
Mar 6 Betty Wong Plan a better Garden Cobourg
Mar 12 Doreen Sharpe Taking care of your Back Trent Hills
Mar 12 Ed Burtt & Dan Buchanan Finding the Speedy Brighton
Mar 13 Wendy Kolodziejczak & Gayle Einarsson PATH Project Northumberland
Mar 13 Dan Buchanan Dr. King, Northumberland's last hanging Ganaraska
Mar 18 Don Wade Canadian Amputee Hockey Team Port Hope
Mar 19 Jeannette Etter A Child's Life in German Occupied British Territory Northshore
Mar 20 Russ Donaldson Me and my Computer Cobourg
Mar 26 Grannies for Africa What Grannies for Africa do - Jewelery from Africa Brighton
Mar 27 Stanley Isherwood Sifton-Cooke Heritage Centre Northumberland
Mar 27 Const. Marino Port Hope Police - Frauds, scams, home security and more Ganaraska
Feb 4 Ministry of Consumer Affairs Fraud/Theft/Scams Port Hope
Feb 5 Bruce Cox Arnhem - A Bridge too Far Northshore
Feb 12 Stan Ferguson Motivational Speaker Trent Hills
Feb 13 Erin Walsh War of 1812 and Port Hope Ganaraska
Feb 13 Dr. Bob Scott Rotary Polio Plus Northumberland
Feb 19 John Jolie Major Burwash - Exploring the Arctic Northshore
Feb 20 Bill Chekley Sir William Top Hat Society Cobourg
Feb 26 Franklin Coach Tours Trips planned for 2014 Brighton
Feb 27 Mette Aarlev YMCA Northumberland - Seniors related projects Northumberland
Feb 27 Ray Finlayson River cruising Ganaraska
Jan 2 / 2014 Hal Alison Singer/guitarist Cobourg
Jan 7 Shelley Morland St. Elizabeth Society Port Hope
Jan 8 Karen Cofield Home Inspections Trent Hills
Jan 8 Don Koets Orphans from Zambia Brighton
Jan 8 Robert Fudge Historic Mills of Ontario Northshore
Jan 9 Megan McDonald Habitat for Humanity Ganaraska
Jan 9 Mike Vilneff Cobourg Fire Chief Northumberland
Jan 15 Duncan Armstrong JFK Memorabilia Colborne
Jan 21 Jennie Cross ArtsCan Circle Port Hope
Jan 22 Bryan & Roberta Armstrong Trivial Pursuit Canada and other Challenges Northshore
Jan 22   Pub Quiz Brighton
Jan 23 Catherine Hawley Downsizing Ganaraska
Jan 23 Gerry Weatherby Installed Antenna on CN Tower Northumberland