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Material for this Site

If a member has material for this web site, they should contact the following newsletter editors.

Brighton - Joan Selwood

Colborne - Louise McNutt

Ganaraska Valley - Bob Wallace

Northshore - Peter Chrisomalis & Bryan Armstrong

Northumberland - John Draper

Presqu'ile - Peter Ramsden

Trent Hills - Laura McCulloch

This document was sent to all Presidents of Probus clubs in Canada

Guiding Principles used: Keep abreast of changes to Guidelines/Club's autonomy vs. Guidelines/Keep brief/general

Suggested Guidelines for Re-Opening PROBUS Clubs: Note: These are Guidelines only and do not in any way minimize the important responsibility of Mgm't Teams and individual members to do all that is necessary to reduce risk to themselves and to their fellow members.

 Startup Strategies:

  • Each Club's plans should adhere to current and changing Federal, Provincial and Municipal Location Guidelines and Health Authorities and satisfy each Club's needs.
  • Health and Safety of our Members is Paramount-Personal Hygiene and Social Distancing.
  • All Club members have a responsibility to follow their appropriate guidelines in a caring manner.
  • We are a Togetherness/Social Organization.
  • Provide confidence to Members that returning is low risk -They have been apprehensive - ­common sense dictates.
  • Priority should be Stability/Retention - Then Growth (be prepared for reduction in Membership in some cases.)
  • Crisis has provided opportunities to learn and improve - Communication to members is a high priority e.g. newsletters etc.

Be Open To:

  • Reducing numbers attending meetings - changing to larger venue?/split clubs?- Consider using Zoom or equivalent for those unwilling or unable to attend physical meeting?
  • Social distancing-Change format/layout/seating.
  • Hand sanitizer on stand at entrance of meeting venue -Clean or sanitize hands before and after meeting.
  • Consider requiring members to wear Masks to protect others.
  • Sanitize microphone and any other equipment used.
  • Re evaluating food serving practices at meetings for coffee/celebrations or group activities. Should allow for physical distancing for as long as may be required.
  • Flexibility re: Club's A.G.M.(Timing/Nominations)/reschedule/virtual or E-mail voting for A.G.M. process works as an option - By laws flexible in these times -  NOTE: A.G.M.s may be postponed and some Management Committee Teams could remain in place for more than a one year.
  • Hugs/handshakes- out for now.
  • Sick members must stay at home (protect others)-Greeter could ask each members how they are feeling.

Other Observations/Suggestions:

  • When vaccine arrives or guidelines change Clubs may revert to more like previous Meeting #'s.
  • Virtual Management Committee Meetings and a few General Meetings may revert to in ­person Mtgs.(togetherness) as per updated guidelines.
  • Acknowledge We were in a "pause" for Celebrations and that We will re-schedule in the future-ego Anniversaries/PROBUS Month etc.
  • If Club's annual dues are extended  Note: Each club is still responsible for Membership Renewals to PROBUS CANADA by Dec. 31st 2020-Liability insurance/PROBUS CANADA funding.
  • Special interest/Activity groups-Some may start up soon-but go slowly.
  • Venue guidelines should be consistent with Club's guidelines eg.-Cleanliness requirements etc.
  • Community Thank-you ... Each Club might want to Brainstorm ways to say thank-you to the community.

Remember--Each Director is here to support each District Club