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August 28, 2020

Dear PROBUS CANADA Club Presidents,

I hope this note finds you well and coping as best you can during our certainly difficult times.

Your Board of Directors has met three times via Zoom since the beginning of May. These meetings have been to discuss the challenges, issues, and procedures arising from many questions the Members of the Board have received from our Club Members.

The following points are provided for your planning and edification while we operate during the Pandemic:

  • Later this year PROBUS CANADA will be assessing every Club a fee of $2.50 per Member. While an assessment of $3 .00 per Club Member was approved in May during our Bylaws update, we feel our costs are reduced this year and hence the reduction to your Club.
  • Our Clubs are autonomous and as such each Club will determine how they wish to conduct their AGM and financial review. This may be accomplished by Zoom, e-mails, snail mail, or any other method the Management Team deems appropriate while adhering to our Constitution and Bylaws.
  • Please remember we are forbidden by the Government of Canada to use proxies in any form.
  • If a Club decides not to charge Members any fees for the year, the Members are deemed to still be Members of the Club and therefore continue to be covered through HUB International Insurance Brokerage for liability and Directors' and Officers' insurance. This scenario also applies to Members who have subscribed to Johnson Insurance for their Health, Dental, and Travel Insurance.
  • We suggest that Management Teams that are facing a challenge of filling positions consider the sharing of duties by friends and cohorts. We are aware of a Club that has four Secretaries during the year. These wonderful volunteers serve their Club in their capacity for three months each. Another Club splits the Vice President's duties between two Members. One of them goes to the cottage for about six months and the other travels south for six months. If you have this challenge then it's time to be creative.
  • We are reading many newsletters that are absolutely fabulous. During COVID-19 please highlight Member's unselfish activities. These could include your telephone committee, mask sewers, flower garden fixers, small groups that are getting together again or an individual with a great story. Please send your pictures and articles to your District Director. We would like to see more up to date information in our PROBUS CANADA Newsletter and also on our PROBUS CANADA website ( ).
  • If you have any questions or concerns please contact your District Director rather than writing to our website. As Directors we are dedicated to helping our Members in any way possible. An example of this is the start up protocols we suggested to you previously.

In closing please keep safe, keep well and keep in touch.

Yours in PROBUS,