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Following our very successful Information Meeting on September 11, we hosted our Foundation Meeting on October 9. We were overwhelmed by the attendance of 142 interested individuals and ended up with 122 paid members.

Our paper work is on its way to Probus Centre Canada and we are looking forward to being a formal member of the great Probus family.

Please take a look at our first Newsletter for more details and a few pictures.

Thanks to Our Sponsors:

Our sincere thanks to our three sponsoring clubs: Probus Club of Brighton, Ganaraska Valley Probus Club and Campbellford Rotary Club. The assistance from these sponsoring clubs and direct help by members of their executive made the process a whole lot easier. Thanks to all! We are proud to be joining the Probus world with your guidance and support.

Please take a look at our updated News and About pages for more information.

The May Extravaganza - otherwise known as the Spring Fling - took place May 21 in the Keeler Centre in Colborne.  Three hundred and twenty tickets were sold and they came.  Good food, good drinks (most of it coffee) and good snacks were provided by Black Dress catering - Donna Rusow's catering company based in Colborne.  There was entertainment, speeches and socializing - as promised.  But the main event was the talk by Bob Abrames - Voyageur.  More than just talking, he walked amongst us and kept us laughing and amazed.  Above is a slide show of some photos taken at the event.

May 21, 2013

Keeler Centre, Colborne

  • Bob AbramesTickets for $25 - Tickets are now on sale.
  • Time: Doors open at 9am, formal proceedings start at 10am and end around 1pm
  • There will be the usual coffee, juice & snacks, followed by lunch at 12 noon
  • There will be a 'Share the Wealth' draw
  • The keynote speaker is Bob Abrames (at right), the voyageur - his web site
  • We will also hear from Peter Doyle who is currently the President of Probus Canada
  • There will be lots of time for socializing.