1 Piped in 2 Piper 3 Outgoing Regional Director Stone Avery 4 Stone Avery with his 'thank you' gift from Hoselton 5 Tim Haitsma incoming Regional Director 6 Tim Haitsma Incoming Director 7 Ted Barris keynote speaker 8 Ted Barris excellent speaker about Vimy Ridge 9 Some of 674 attendees 10 Probus Mixer attendees 11 Classic Swing band entertained 12 Lots of laughs had by all 13 Probus clothing for sale 14 Probus clothing 15 Ted Barris' book for sale 16 Ted Barris signed the books 17 Dancing to the swing band 18 People enjoying the event 19 Food was served really fast and then there was dessert 20 Serious conversations as well as laughter 21 A great event with good food. 22 Some of the 674 people at the event 23 Most people seemed to have fun 24 the band entertained 25 never too old to dance 26 closed by a piper
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