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Date Speaker Subject Club
Dec 2 2009 Oriana Singers   Northshore
Nov 3 Dianne Keast Transition House Port Hope
Dec 9 Sweet Adelines Christmas music & other songs Brighton
Dec 10 Pat Bryan Book reading: A Child's Christmas in Port Hope Ganaraska
Nov 5 Brenda Nutter Traversing the North West passage Cobourg
Nov 12 Tracy West Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Northumberland
Nov 12 Robin Long History of Walton Street Ganaraska
Nov 17 Angie Fazekas Ten Thousand Villages Store Port Hope
Nov 19 The Class Act A quartet from the local Sweet Adelines. Cobourg
Nov 25 Father Feeley Travels in different parts of the world. Brighton
Nov 26 Barb Winfield and Selena Forsythe Accessibility in Port Hope Ganaraska
Nov 26 Michael Newnham Conductor of the Northumberland Symphony Orchestra  Northumberland
Oct 8 Dr. Bill Moebus   In Honduras with a medical team Northumberland
Oct 8 Jenny Kyle Japanese Prisoner Of War camp Ganaraska
Oct 20 Richard Honey H1N1 Virus Port Hope
Oct 21 Angie Fazekas Ten Thousand Villages Store Northshore
Oct 22 Andrea Monner Aboriginal carvings at Petroglyphs Ganaraska
Oct 22 Bob Abrames voyageur Adventures in the wild Northumberland
Sept 2   Gordon Estate Service Colborne
Sept 3 Cam McFarlane Policing mission in Afghanistan Cobourg
Sept 10 Kim Patton Chiropractor Ganaraska
Sept 16 Michelle Higginson, James Duncan Hypnosis, Past Lives Colborne
Sept 17 Larry Hall The evolution of Black History Cobourg
Sept 24   AGM and bus tour of local dry stone wall sites Ganaraska
Aug 13 Sheila Burns Primrose Donkey Sanctuary Ganaraska
Aug 13/2009 Les Andrews MacDonalds Northumberland
Aug 19 Peter Tink History of Australia Colborne
July 15 Colleen Childs Materials Recovery facility Northshore
July 2 Heather Stubbs, Comfort Zone Keeping Your Cool Under Stress Cobourg
July 16 Sheila Burns Primrose Donkey Farm Cobourg
July 7 Elderhostel Programs for lifelong learning Port Hope
July 9 Cindy Osland The profession that found me Ganaraska
June2/2009 Mary Anne Rowlands The Help Centre Port Hope
June 3 Roberta and Don Harris Bedrolls for Children Colborne
June 4 Terry Stanley Cobourg police Driving skill review Cobourg
June 11 John Shaw-Rimmington Dry Stone Walls Ganaraska
June 16 Hercules Pilot Trenton Search and Rescue Port Hope
June 17 Terry Stanley Law and Order Northshore
June 17 Carl Fletcher Audiologist Colborne
June 25 Jordan Oxley Gasification at Wesleyville Ganaraska
May 5/2009 Sherry McKeen Community Care Access Services Port Hope
May 6 Dr. Paul McCutcheon The new Holistic Way Colborne
May 6 Elizabeth Kellog Wild Bird Banding Northshore
May 7 Judge John Bark Humorous Experiences in Court Cobourg
May 19 Sherri McKeen Community care Port Hope
May 20 Calay Fiddick Self Publishing Colborne
May 21 Claire Wade, Minister St. Peters Travel Experiences Cobourg
May 28 Ted Rafuse Cobourg-Rochester car ferries Ganaraska
April 1 Cobourg West School Jazz band Northshore
April 1/2009 Ian Tate Battle of St. Lawrence Colborne
April 2 Michael Newham Orchestra Leader/Conductor Cobourg
April 7 Jane Spencer & Pam MacDougall Community Health Centre Port Hope
April 9 Fred Helliener Birds of Presqu'ile Park Ganaraska
April 15 Brett Chapman Some Pop - Some Opera Northshore
April 15 Denise Chamberlain Living with Blindness Colborne
April 21 Pat Sinott A Slice of Port Hope History Port Hope
April 23 Les Britton Auctions and Auctioneering Ganaraska
Mar 4/2009 St. Patrick's day Dancers St Patrick's day entertainment Northshore
Mar 5 John Winkworth Scotland Cobourg
Mar 11 Michael Nickerson Cultural Evolution problems Brighton
Mar 12 Linda LaLiberte Ganaraska Forest Northumberland
Mar 12 Chris Wallace Port Hope's Architectural Heritage Ganaraska
Mar 17 Steafan Hannigan & Saskia Tomkins St. Patrick's day Port Hope
Mar 18 Laurie Macdonald Victim's Services Colborne
Mar 18 "Jus-Tappin" Tap Dancers Northshore
Mar 19/2009 Elizabeth McGinty Shelter of Hope Cobourg
Mar 25 Jack Gibbons Canada's Health Care system Brighton
Mar 26 Kathryn McHolm Ecological Kitchen gardening Ganaraska
Mar 26 Howie McCourt Brookside Northumberland
Feb 26 Jordan Oxley Plasma Gasification at Wesleyville Ganaraska
Feb 26 Maureen Williams, Andrea Woodland and Jessie Therapy dogs through St. John Ambulance Northumberland
Feb 3 Jack Goering Arctic with famous canoeists Port Hope
Feb 4 Dave Dryden Sleeping Children around the world Northshore
Feb 5 Pete Csefco - ret'd police officer Music plus... Cobourg
Feb 12/2009 Bob Pearson Routes to Learning Canada Northumberland
Feb 12 David Broughton Lighting the Victorian Home Ganaraska
Feb 17 Club Members Who am I? Port Hope
Jan 6 Audrey Wilson Wild things I have known Port Hope
Jan 7 Dr. Jacob Morgan Chiropractor Colborne
Jan 8 Pam Knott NHH MRI Ganaraska
Jan 15 Tara Borwick Stream Steward Program Cobourg
Jan 21 Rick Stronks Bears and Algonquin Park Northshore
Jan 21 D'Arcy Jenish Author of the book Montreal Canadiens Colborne
Jan 22 Randy Bird Wild Mustangs Northumberland
Jan 22/2009 Bruce Steele Antarctica Ganaraska
Dec 2/2008 Bruce Cox Paratroopers Port Hope
Dec 2 Bruce Cox Paratroopers Port Hope
Dec 4 Pat Hamilton Tap Dancing Class Cobourg
Dec 11 Tom Merey Classical Guitar Ganaraska
Nov 27 Sherry Gibson Oak Heights Winery Ganaraska
Nov 27 Captain Jodi Jane Longley RCAF Navigator on Hercules Aircraft Northumberland
Nov 5 Dr. Brenda Beck Ancient Folk Epic Colborne
Nov 6 Ian Tate Surviving a Torpedo attack Cobourg
Nov 5/2008 Chris Hornell Marathon Runner - Sahara Desert Run Northshore
Nov 13 Jane Osmond A travel tour through Africa Northumberland
Nov 13 Peter Bolton Geneaolgy and Louis Bertoletto Ganaraska
Nov 18 Linda Thompson Vision for Port Hope Port Hope
Nov 19 Pam Knott MRI Machine at Northumberland Hospital Colborne
Nov 20 John Smith Elephant Riding in Africa Cobourg
Oct 1 Jim Cunningham Sled Dogs and Sled Dog Racing Northshore
Oct 2 Katherine Barber Oxford Dictionary Cobourg
Oct 7 Laurie Davie Acupuncture Port Hope
Oct 9/2008 Don Missen Sniffer dogs at Toronto Airport Northumberland
Oct 9 Ed Greenwood Writing Ganaraska
Oct 16 Heather Easton Osteoporosis/Healthy bones Cobourg
Oct 21 Peter Bolton Louis Bertoletto Flea Circus Port Hope
Oct 23 Sherry Gibson Community care Ganaraska
Sept 2 Paul Racine and Tim Haynes Port Hope and District Health Care Foundation Port Hope
Sept 3 Andrea Rae Gemology Colborne
Sept 3 Lorraine Brace Cobourg Town Hall Northshore
Sept 4 Colin Slade Canadian Coast Guard Cobourg
Sept 4/2008 Annual General Meeting   Ganaraska
Sept 11 Analise Petlock CHAMPS Program Northumberland
Sept 16 Annual General Meeting   Port Hope
Sept 17 Ken Zwalikut Changes in Pension Regulations Northshore
Sept 18 Jim and Joanne Stewart Africa Experience Cobourg
Aug 6/2008 Calay Fiddick Book Publishing Northshore
Aug 14 Cheryl Richeson Teaching the Blind Northumberland
Aug 14 Alex Mahabir Port Hope Library Ganaraska
Aug 19 Selena Forsythe and Barb Winfield Accessibility in Port Hope Port Hope
Aug 20 Richard Tindel Municipal Affairs Colborne
Aug 21 Highland Dancers Demo - dance class Cobourg
July 3/2008 Judy Bigwood Wood carver Cobourg
July 17 Andrew Buntin Shelter Valley Outreach program Cobourg
July 24 Pete & Marilyn Csefco Morning of Music Northumberland
June 4 Louise Nadeau Brookside Northshore
June 4 Steven Lloyd Wooden Decoys Colborne
June 5/2008 Glen Milne Agriculture (Down Under) Cobourg
June 12 Peter Stokes Architectural Conservation of Victoria Hall Northumberland
June 12 Linda Thompson - Mayor Municipality of Port Hope Ganaraska
June 18 Denise Chamberlin Coping with Vision Loss Northshore
June 18 No Speaker - Silent Auction   Colborne
June 26 Rob O'Neil Food 4 All Warehouse Ganaraska
May 1/2008 Dr. Byrnes Shouldice Shouldice Clinic Cobourg
May 6 Jim Benham Recovery of Halifax Bomber Port Hope
May 7 Eric Wright Author Colborne
May 7 St. Mary's Secondary School Choir Northshore
May 8 Amy Griffiths Ganarsaka Region Conservation Authority Ganaraska
May 8/2008 Gary Cooper   Northumberland
May 15 Larry Wilson An Aircraft in your back yard Cobourg
May 20 Aldo d'Agostino & John Hassan Community Health Care Centre Port Hope
May 21 Mary Lee Great lake Water levels Colborne
May 22 Ted Rafuse Grand Trunk Railroad Ganaraska
May 22 Cecelia Naismith Travels through Northumberland County Northumberland
April 1/2008 Ted Rafuse Local Railways Port Hope
April 2 Stuart Grainger Trinity College Colborne
April 2 Gary O'Dwyer Children and War Northshore
April 3 Stan Ferguson Motivational Speaker Cobourg
Apr 10 Elizabeth Kellogg Banding Birds Ganaraska
Apr 10 Donna Harris Spousal Abuse Northumberland
April 15 Robert Winslow 4th Line Theatre Port Hope
April 16 Amy Collins African Discovery Colborne
April 16/2008 Donna Bennett/Brian Finlay Westben Theatre Northshore
April 17 John de Visser Local Photographer Cobourg
April 24 Heather Mckinnon Islamic Gardens Ganaraska
April 24 Grace Barker Great Havelock Bank Robbery Northumberland
Mar 5 Andrea Rae Gemology Colborne
Mar 5 St. Mary's High School Choir Northshore
Mar 5 Ian Tate War in Canada Port Hope
Mar 6 Janet Mathews Author of "Chicken Soup"  Cobourg
Mar 13 Len Murphy Taxidermist Experiences Northumberland
Mar 13 Larry and Evelyn Hall What Does It Mean To 'Own Yourself'? Ganaraska
Feb 5/2008 Pam Knott New Service at NHH Port Hope
Mar 18 Member participation Club Day Port Hope
Mar 19 Brent Townsend Designer/Painter Colborne
Mar 19 John Hill A perspective of Prison Law Northshore
Mar 20 Don Missin K9 Division, Airport Authority Cobourg
Mar 27 Aldo D'Agostino Community Health Clinic Ganaraska
Feb 6 Colin Caldwell Cobourg Area History Colborne
Feb 6/2008 Frank Grani Building an Aircraft in the basement Northshore
Feb 7 Bruce Steel Antarctic Cobourg
Feb 14 Diane Buckler Village of Hope - Africa Northumberland
Feb 14 York Bell-Smith Hospice Ganaraska
Feb 19 Carol Payne The Sorrows of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Port Hope
Feb 20/2008 Gordon Sherwin War Experiences Colborne
Feb 21 Kier Barker Motivational Speaker Cobourg
Feb 28 Jeannette Etter Occupied Channel islands in WW2 Ganaraska
Feb 28 John Poirier Life Long Learning Center Northumberland
Jan 24 Gerald Tooke Stained Glass Ganaraska
Jan 24 Coleen Dupuis Services for Women Northumberland
Jan 10/2008 Ian Montagnes Port Hope History Ganaraska
Jan 16 Katherine Barber Canadian Oxford Dictionary Colborne
Jan 16 St. Mary's Secondary School Choir Northshore
Jan 17 Christine Stewart Security Cobourg
Jan 2 Janice Buck Seniors Access Info Colborne
Jan 2 Barry Quinlan Shriners Hospital Northshore
Jan 3 2008 Krista Rutledge Reduce the risk of falls Cobourg
Dec 4 2007 Barbara Keenan Big Brothers and Big Sisters Port Hope
Dec 5 Ontario Power Generation Update Nuclear & Hydro Northshore
Dec 6 Mary Anne Shill Doctor recruitement Cobourg
Dec 20 Mel Blaker Christmas Music Cobourg
Nov 1 Lieut. Col. John Conrad  Afghanistan Cobourg
Nov 7 /2007 Erik Norenius Aviation History Colborne
Nov 7 Bruce Steel A photo tour of the Antarctic Northshore
Nov 8 Catherine Barber Oxford Dictionary Northumberland
Nov 15 Grant Elliott Phoenix Mars Landing Cobourg
Nov 21 David Simmons Waddington's Antiques Colborne
Nov 22 Barbara Keenan Merger of Big Brothers and Big Sisters Northumberland
Oct 2/2007 Cpt. Hoey C.A.F. Search & Rescue Port Hope
Oct 3 Paul Shaughnessy Crime stoppers Colborne
Oct 4 Pam Russell Northumberland Recycling Cobourg
Oct 16 Tony German Hovercraft Port Hope
Oct 17 Ted Rafuse Railway across Rice Lake Colborne
Oct 17 OPP Identity Theft Northshore
Oct 18/2007 Stuart Grainger Trinity College Cobourg
Sept 6 Colin Sanders Challenged Children Cobourg
Sept 5 Brian Read Horizon Plastics Colborne
Sept 5 Pam Hamilton Continuing Care Training Northshore
Sept 5 Brian Read Horizon Plastics Colborne
Sept 18 Frank Granni Building an Aircraft in a basement Northshore
Sept 20 Mary Ann Shil Doctor Recruitment Cobourg
Aug 7/2007 Fred Cory Ancient Music Trio Port Hope
Aug 15 Judy Bigwood Master carver Colborne
Aug 16 Pam Russel Recycle Information Cobourg
Aug 2 Russ Donaldson Unbelievable Pictures Cobourg
Aug 1 Aengus Finnan Shelter Valley Folk Festival Northshore
July 5 David Phillips Environment Canada Weatherman Cobourg
July 4 /2007 Kim Quigley Job Connect Northshore
July 3 John Shaw- Rimmington Dry Stone Walls  
June 19 Ron Cameron Restorative Justice Port Hope
June 20 Cindy Taylor World of Photography Northshore
June 20 Doug Stevenson Oshawa Driving School Colborne
June 21 Joanne Beneteau Katrina Experiences Cobourg
June 6/2007 Maureen Williams St. John's Dogs Northshore
June 6 Bob Thorndyke Inventor Colborne
June 7 Lynn Hodgson Camp X - World War II Cobourg
June 5/2007 Paul & Colleen Watson Beekeeping Port Hope
May 1 Mary Godawa Rebound Child & Youth Services Port Hope
May 2 Michelle Humphries Forensic Art Colborne
May 2 Brock Godfrey Phonebusters - Identity Theft Northshore
May 3 Cliff Stroan - OPP Identity Theft Cobourg
May 15 R. Brock Godfrey Phonebusters Consumer Fraud Port Hope
May 17 Ted Barris Spring Mixer All
April 17 Ian Montagnes History of Port Hope Port Hope
April 18 Ed Greenwood Games Inventor Colborne
April 18 Kim Malonie Animal Whisperer Northshore
April 19/2007 Greg Smith Hydro Generation - Why Nuclear Power Cobourg
April 4 Patti Gilchrist Organ Donation Colborne
April 4 Brian Milner Competitive Glider Flying Northshore
April 5 Jack Houghton Seasons of Northumberland Cobourg
Mar 15 Jim Cunningham Sled Dogs in Alaska Cobourg
Mar 20 Rick Trumper New PH Water Treatment Plant Port Hope
Mar 21   Seventh Town Historical Society Colborne
Mar 21 Ron Brown Ontario's Heritage Jails Northshore
Mar 7 Barb Keenan Big Sisters, Big Brothers Colborne
Mar 7 D'Arcy Jennish Epic Wanderer - about David Thompson Northshore
Mar 6 B. Moorecroft & S. Boyko Changing Demographics in N'Land County Port Hope
Mar 1/2007 John Jolie It's about time Cobourg
Feb 21 Tony Trevor Fine Furniture Refinishing Colborne
Feb 21 Barb Keenan Big Sisters, Big Brothers Northshore
Feb 20 Sharon Murphy Genealogy Port Hope
Feb 6 Elizabeth Kellogg Bluebirds Port Hope
Feb 7 Garry Clement Money Laundering and Seniors Northshore
Feb 7 Terry Scott Community Services Colborne
Feb 1 Carl Fletcher Audiology Cobourg
Jan 18/2007  Bob McCoubrey & Rhonda Cunningham  New Challenges at NHH  Cobourg
Jan 17/2007  Rick Norlock M.P.  Parliamentary Procedures  Northshore
Jan 17/2007  Pauline Carrick  Africa & Guatemala travels  Colborne
Jan 16/2007  Sherry Gibson  Community care  Port Hope 
Jan 4/2007  John Joynt  A Moving Experience  Cobourg
Jan 3/2007  Ken Prue  Northumberland Movies  Colborne
Jan 3/2007  Dr. Steven Connor  Two years in Zaire  Northshore
Dec 6/2006  Aaron Fernandez  Canadian Coast Guard  Northshore
Dec 5/2006  Mark Stevenson, Liz Stewart  Waste management facility  Port Hope 
Nov 21/2006  Stewart Grainger  TCS Headmaster  Port Hope 
Nov 2/2006  Gordon Sherwin  True Life War story  Cobourg
Oct 18/2006  Paul Redman  Scams and Investments  Northshore
Sept 20/2006  Dan Catton  Arthritis Northshore
Sept 6/2006  Nina Keogh  Puppets Northshore
Sept 6/2006  Wayne Herrick  Dioxins in the Trent River  Colborne
Aug 17/2006  Paul Macklin  Life in Ottawa  Cobourg
Aug 15/2006  Bill Murtha  Photography Port Hope 
Aug 2/2006  Derk Damron  Breathing Problems  Northshore
July 20/2006  Peter Delanty  History of Cobourg Street names  Cobourg
Jul 18/2006  Roger Yates  Windmills Port Hope 
July 5/2006  Cath Oberholtzer  Historical Slide programme  Northshore
July 4/2006  Colin Banfield  Weather Port Hope 
June 21/2006  Gayle Gromaz-brown  Travels through life  Colborne
June 15/2006  Aengus Finnan  Folk Singer  Cobourg
June 7/2006  Kathleen Fair  Dialysis - Northumberland Hills Hospital  Northshore
June 7/2006  Cheryl Rickeson  Teaching the Blind  Colborne
June 6/2006  Don Conway  CHUC Radio  Port Hope 
June 1/2006  St. Mary's Choir  Performance by St. Mary's High School Choir  Cobourg
May 18/2006  Elizabeth Kellogg  Slides on Birds  Cobourg
May 17/2006  Jim Marsden (Chief)  Alderville First Nations  Northshore
May 16/2006  Mr. Trumper  Water Works  Port Hope 
May 4/2006  Nina Keogh  Puppeteer Cobourg
May 3/2006  Shelly Wickabrod  Fashion Design  Colborne
May 3/2006  John Russell  Northumberland Hills Hospital  Northshore
May 2/2006  Randy Bird  Mustangs Port Hope 
April 20/2006  David Mowat  Alderville Education Development Centre  Cobourg
April 19/2006  Mary Lee  Oriana Choir (Toronto)  Colborne
April 19/2006  Cathy Cullen  Community Living  Northshore
April 18/2006  Bruce Campbell  Independent Electricity System  Port Hope 
April 6/2006  Gil Brocanier  Senior's Centre  Cobourg
April 5/2006  Rosemary Guy  Diabetes Education  Northshore
April 5/2006  Richard Honey  Bird Flu  Colborne
April 4/2006  Victor Borge  A Visit with a Great Dane  Port Hope 
Mar 21/2006  Marilyn Curson  Humour Galore  Port Hope 
Mar 16/2006  Jim and Emma Sandham  Sailing from Cobourg to Boston  Cobourg
Mar 15/2006  Mandy Martin  Cobourg Daily Star  Northshore
Mar 15/2006  Jim Benham  Halifax Restoration  Colborne
Mar 2/2006 Derek Hatfield  Round the world sail-boat racer  Cobourg
Mar 1/2006 Clare Paterson  Child Development Centre  Northshore
Mar 1/2006 Shelia Burns  Saving Donkeys  Colborne
Feb 21/2006  Brian Proctor  Problem Children  Port Hope 
Feb 15/2006  Dorothy Hampson  Dragon Boat races  Colborne
Feb 15/2006  Randy Home  Forensic Officer, Major crime scenes  Northshore
Feb 7/2006  Evergreen Beautifying Communities Port Hope 
Feb 2/2006  Colin Caldwell  History of Cobourg  Cobourg
Feb 1/2006  David Craig  CHUC Northshore
Feb 1/2006  Pat Arato  Aphasia Colborne
Jan 18/2006  Rob O'Neil  Food for All  Colborne
Jan 18/2006  Greg Dulmage  Northumberland Children's Aid  Northshore
Jan 12/2006  Larry Jones & Maureen Williams Therapy dogs Northumberland
Jan 5/2006  Randy Bird  Mustangs - Wild Horses  Cobourg
Jan 4/2006  Joan Ross  Northumberland Hills Hospital  Northshore
Jan 3/2005  Lee Caswell  Antiques Port Hope 
Dec 8/2005  Mike O'Grady  Home Inspections  Northumberland
Dec 7/2005  Tom MacMillan  Town Crier  Northshore
Dec 6/2005  Terry & Rita Bell Travel Experiences  Port Hope 
Nov 24/2005  Margaret Booth  Arthritis Society  Northumberland
Nov 17/2005  Bob Irvine History of Cobourg's Concert Band  Cobourg
Nov 15/2005  Tina Gray  Cobourg Parole Officer  Port Hope 
Nov 2/2005  Don Conway  Pine Ridge Broadcasting Northshore
Oct 25/2005  Ontario Pharmacy Assoc.  Dealing with your Prescriptions  Port Hope 
Oct 19/2005  John Shaw-Rimington  Dry Stone Bridges  Colborne
Oct 13/2005  Susie Jin  Medicines, Wellness, Alternative therapies  Northumberland
Oct 5/2005  Kelsey Prince  Arctic and Antarctic Travel  Northshore
Oct 4/2005  OSC Gurading your Investments  Port Hope 
Sept. 21/2005  Paddy Kamen  Would you like a Happier Brain?  Northshore
Sept. 8/2005  Michelle Humphries  Forensic Pathology  Northumberland
Sept. 1/2005  Mandy Martin  Cobourg Star  Cobourg
Aug 18 /2005  Cathy Oberholtzer  Cobourg Archives  Cobourg
Aug 17/2005  Muriel Braham  Lone Pine Marsh  Colborne
Aug 17/2005  Roy Bangs  Northumberland Senior games  Northshore
Aug 16/2005  Jane Kelly  Watershed Magazine  Port Hope 
July 20/2005  Mike Vilneff Horizons Plastics Fire  Northshore
July 19/2005 David Mowatt  Alderville Native History  Port Hope 
July 7/2005  Mark Peacock  Ganaraska Conservation Authority  Cobourg
June 15/2005 Linda Hutsell-Manning Childrens' books Northshore
June 16/2005  Keith Oliver  Cobourg Museum  Cobourg
June 1/2004  Arthur Martin  A Soldier's Story, The Year of the Veteran  Northshore
June 1/2005  Jim Lawrence  Outdoor Alliance  Port Hope 
May 18/2005  Paul & Colleen Watson  Bee-Keeping Colborne
May 5/2005 Cath Oberholtzer Bears and the Crees Cobourg
April 21/2005 Doug Galt Earth Day, Northumberland Land Trust Cobourg
April 7/2005 Flemming Nielsen Container Planting  Cobourg
Feb 16/2005 Terry Hawkins Everything about Milk Bottles Northshore