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Archive of previous speakers

Date Speaker Subject Club
May 4 Peter Delanty Cobourg Street Names Cobourg Northshore
Apr 6 Jamie Doolittle Overview Probus Cobourg Northshore
Apr 13 Bev Cook Friends of Presqu'ile Brighton
Apr 14 Allan McCracken Wills Northumberland
April 27 Jamie Doolittle Probus Canada Brighton
Apr 28 Jamie Doolittle Jamie's Life in Probus Northumberland
Apr 20 Nate Hendley The Beatle Bandit Presqu'ile
Apr 20 David Mowat Alderville Customs, Etc. Cobourg Northshore

Mar 2

Deborah McCord Find Happ./Social Iso. Cobourg Northshore
Mar 9 Gail Ellis Applefest Lodge Brighton
Mar 10 Steve Lapp Electric Cars Northumberland
Mar 16 Florence Fletcher Victorian Operetta Soc. Cobourg Northshore
Mar 23 Sherry Pringle Author and Artist Brighton
Mar 24 Mark Rector Invention and Innovation in Canada Northumberland
Sept 15
Renee Champagne Cobourg Transit Cobourg Northshore
March 4 Claire Smith Athlete's Medical comeback Cobourg Northshore
March 11 Sean Mallen Falling for London Brighton
March 12 David Newland Arctic Adventures Northumberland
March 12 Kate Lennan Humane Society Ganaraska
March 18 Chris Barker

Sea Cadets HMCS Skeena

Cobourg Northshore
Feb 5 Square Dancing   Cobourg Northshore
Feb 19 Bob McKenzie Organ Transplantation Cobourg Northshore
Feb 27 Michael Hanlon His life as a reporter Northumberland
Feb 27 C. Oster Travels Ganaraska Valley
Jan 9
Cynthia Hunt Hockey Night in Ladakh Northumberland
Jan 15 Stephen Skevington Health Care Northshore
Jan 15 Cindy Conlin Wildlife Photography Presqu'ile
Jan 23 Dan Buchanan Brighton History Week Northumberland
Nov 6 CEO  Cornerstone Cobourg Northshore
Nov 13 Dan Orr New Recycling Rules Trent Hills
Nov 13 Tom Rosebush DNA and Me Brighton
Nov 14 Karin Wells CBC Radio Broadcaster Northumberland
Nov 27 Cindy Conlin Local Wildlife Photographer Brighton
Nov 20 Jordan Klapman Tin Pan Alley and the
History of 20th Century Pop Music
Oct 15 Daphne Gold Tai Chi Port Hope
Oct 16 Bev Cook The Friends of Presqu’ile Park Presqu'ile
Oct 23 Kathryn Corbett Lighthouse Books Brighton
Oct 24 Melissa Cranston Habitat for Humanity Northumberland
Sept 12 Marnie Hare Bickle Native Born Son Northumberland
Sept 18 Shasta Morey and Charlene Marcus Belles of the Barn Presqu'ile
Sept 25 Ken Birch Sailing Experiences continued... Brighton
Sept 26 George Parker From Forest to Farmland Northumberland
Aug 8 Marcelle Johnson EMS Ganaraska
Aug 8 Dan Orr Diverting household waste from landfill Northumberland
Aug 21 Antonio Sarmiento Cobourg Arts and Culture Presqu'ile
Aug 28 Richard Perkins Jeweller and Designer Brighton
July 11 Stephen Skyvington Reinventing Canada's Health Care System Northumberland
July 17 Terry Sprague Main Duck Island – The History, The Appeal Presqu'ile
July 24 D'Arcy Jenish October Crisis - Canada's Nightmare Brighton
July 25 Fran Fearnley Zim Art - Rice Lake Gallery Northumberland
June 5 Karin Wells Her Award Winning Career/About NLC Northshore
June 12 Sylvia Cook Buiding a rammed earth house Brighton
June 12 Bridge Hospice Palliative care and the Hospice Trent Hills
June 13 Mandy Robinson Town Crier Northumberland
June 13 Jennifer Moore Update from the CAO of Northumberland County Ganaraska
June 19 George Parker Forest to Farmland Northshore
June 27   Community Care Ganaraska
May 1 Fran Fearnley Rice Lake Gallery, Zim Art North Shore
May 1 N'land County Waste Changes coming Colborne
May 15 Art Seymour & Doug Weldon & Co Event Organizers, Games Galore North Shore
May 15 Tim Cook The Secret History of Soldiers Presqu'ile
May 23 Bruce & Beth Bellaire Canoeing In The Artic Northumberland
April 3 Raul Scorz Horizons of Friendship North Shore
April 11 Michelle Davis Medical Cannabis Northumberland
April 16 Ted Rafuse Railways Port Hope
April 17 Louise Nadeau Principal William Academy North Shore
April 17 Al Brisco The Evolution of The Steel Guitar Presqu'ile
April 25 Stanley Feldman The Isleworth Mona Lisa Northumberland
Mar 6 Cindy Taylor Travel Excursions Northshore
Mar 14 Kate Lines Private Investigator/ Author Crime Seen: From Patrol Cop to Profiler Northumberland
Mar 20 George Parker From Forest To Farm Northshore
Mar 20 David Bree Invasive/expanding species in Presqu’ile Provincial Park Presqu'ile
Mar 28 Louise Nadeau Principal William Academy Northumberland
Feb 6 D'Arcy Jenish The Making of the October Crises Colborne
Feb 6 Louise Nadeau William Academy Northshore
Feb 14 New Ventures Band   Northumberland
Feb 20 Anne-Marie Cummings Baby Boomer Bonding Northshore
Feb 27 Rick Fulford Life at Kandahar Airfield Brighton
Feb 28 David Grice The Internet of Things Northumberland
Jan 9 Dan Buchanan Brighton's local Historian Brighton
Jan 9 Michael Hanlon & John Draper Local News Northshore
Jan 16 Cheryl Horne Land and culture of the Nisga'a Nation Colborne
Jan 16 Dan Buchanan 38 Hours to Montreal Presqu'ile
Jan 16 2019 Madeline Correlly New App for Seniors Northshore
Nov 7 Dan Buchanan History Colborne
Nov 8 Carol Currelly-Burnham CNIB Ganaraska
Nov 14 Dr. Essak Medical Assistance in Dying Brighton
Nov 14 Stanley Feldman Is there a second Mona Lisa? Trent Hills
Nov 21 Boyd Sullivan Sullivan Auctioneers Presqu'ile
Nov 22 Scarborough Bomb Girls Barbara Dickson Ganaraska
Nov 22 Carol Currelly-Burnham Bridge Hospice Northumberland
Nov 28 Rick Caddick, Brighton Fire Chief The Extended Role of the Fire Department Brighton
Oct 11 Raul Scorza Horizons friendship Northumberland
Oct 17 Dorothy Fletcher Apples and their multiple uses Presqu'ile
Oct 24 Christian Kreilbaum  Kate's Journey to Better Health Brighton
Oct 25 Dan Buchanan 38 Hours to Montreal Northumberland
Sept 5 Antonio Sarmiento From Broadway to Port Hope Northshore
Sept 13 Dean Hustwick Armistice 18 Northumberland
Sept 19 Lee Wakelin Getting Away From the Crowds - Travelogue Northshore
Sept 26 Morris Tait Senior Abuse - "It's just not right" Brighton
Sept 27 Olinda Casimiro Art Gallery of Northumberland Northumberland
Sept 27 Tammy Staples PHPD Security for Seniors  Ganaraska
Aug 9 Lynda Kay Hospice Northumberland Northumberland
Aug 22

Gloria Hunter- Alcock

Nurse at the Top of the World

Aug 23 Michael Perry Jr Michael's Milk Bags Northumberland
July 4 George Kallonakis Developing a succesful business
Olympus Burger
July 12 Bill Lockington Canada C3 Expedition Northumberland
July 18 Anne Taylor Petroglyphs Presqu'ile
July 25 Sandor Johnson

Potter Settlement Vineyards and Artisan Winery

July 26 Alan Acheson Shaping of Northern Ireland Northumberland
June 13 Brock Godfrey Fraud in the area. Brighton
June 14 Tony Walker Rooftop Solar Projects Northumberland
June 20 Father Tim Shea Flying Father’s Hockey Team Presquile
June 20 Ken Prue The Loft Northshore
June 27 Bill Murtha Local artist and author Brighton
May 9   Northumberland Hospice Brighton
May 9 Fay MacFarland Blue Dot Trent Hills
May 10 Edith George Heritage Tree - Preserving our Natural Roots Northumberland
May 16 Ron Grove Plugndrive Northshore
May 16 Dave Sharp Presqu’ile Point Lighthouse Preservation Society  Presqu'ile
May 22 Louise Nettleton
Eris Norenius
Simplify Solutions
20 years of Probus
Port Hope
May 23 Stu Preston Restoration of Lancaster Bomber Brighton
May 24 Laurene Livesey Park Organization 101 Northumberland
May 24   Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue Ganaraska
April 4 Mary Newton  Library Update Colborne
April 4 George Parker The day the Prince of Wales came to Cobourg Northshore
April 11 Konrad Malinsky Hearing Life Brighton
April 11 John Russell Campbellford Hospital's Foundation Trent Hills
April 12 Bruce Bellaire Cobourg Community Garden Northumberland
April 18   Alderville First Nation Northshore
April 18 David Lyon International Service Projects Presqu'ile
April 26 Ken Towle Invasive plants in our area. Ganaraska
April 26 Suan (Sue) Dunstan Actor, Come from Away Northumberland
Mar 8 Kerri Tadeua International Women's Day Northumberland
Mar 8 Bruce Britton Vietnam trip Ganaraska
Mar 14 Ted Barris - Author The Great Escape then at 2:00 a showing of The Great Escape at the Aron Theater. Trent Hills
Mar 22 Amy Ludolph Reacreation Therapy Northumberland
Feb 7 David Grice The Internet Connection Northshore
Feb 8 Probus Singers, Reva Nelson & Linda Hutsell-Manning Reading excerpts from The Spirit of the Hills III Northumberland
Feb 14 Dave MacDougall & Bill Hogle  Observations on life and work in China. Trent Hills
Feb 21 Aaron Blair Fire Safety in the Home Northshore
Feb 21 Dan Buchanan More Stories from Brighton’s History Presqu'ile
Feb 22 David Elliott Are you protected? Ganaraska
Feb 22 Sheila Burns Primrose Donkey Sanctuary Northumberland
Feb 28 Brock Godfrey  Fraud in the area. Brighton
Jan 10 2018 Boyd Sullivan, Auctioneer His experiences Trent Hills
Jan 10 Dee Newberry Foster Forest Wildlife Orphanage Brighton
Jan 11 Kelly Robinson - Cornerstone It's not right - Elder Abuse Northumberland
Jan 11   Port Hope Health Care Foundation Ganaraska
Jan 17 Nav Balsara Hearing Loss in Older Adults Northshore
Jan 24 Jody Dexter Medical Geographer Brighton
Jan 25 Rick Miller - Marie Dressler Foundation Birth of a New Museum Northumberland
Jan 25   Trivia Challenge Ganaraska